Dataset Description


ALSPAC My Infant Son/Daughter Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Code aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code kc001 Form date
Code kc010 Burnt/scalded since 6mths
Code kc011 No. of burns/scalds
Code kc020a Action 1st burn
Code kc020b Action 2nd burn
Code kc020c Action 3rd burn
Code kc050 Dropped/fallen since 6mths
Code kc051 No. of drops/falls
Code kc060a Action 1st fall
Code kc060b Action 2nd fall
Code kc060c Action 3rd fall
Code kc090 Ingestion since 6mths
Code kc091 No. of ingestions
Code kc100a Action 1st ingestion
Code kc100b Action 2nd ingestion
Code kc100c Action 3rd ingestion
Code kc130 Other accident since 6mths
Code kc131 No. other accidents
Code kc140a Action 1st other accident
Code kc140b Action 2nd other accident
Code kc140c Action 3rd other accident
Code kc200 Freq cough medicine
Code kc200a Cough medicine
Code kc201 Freq antibiotics
Code kc201a Antibiotics
Code kc202 Freq throat medicine
Code kc202a Throat medicine
Code kc203 Freq vitamins
Code kc203a Vitamins
Code kc204 Freq paracetamol
Code kc204a Paracetamol
Code kc205 Freq skin ointment
Code kc205a Skin ointment
Code kc206 Freq eye ointment
Code kc206a Eye ointment
Code kc207 Freq diarrhoea preparation
Code kc207a Diarrhoea preparation
Code kc208 Freq decongestant
Code kc208a Decongestant
Code kc209 Freq ear drops
Code kc209a Ear drops
Code kc210 Freq eye drops
Code kc210a Eye drops
Code kc211 Freq teething gel
Code kc211a Teething gel
Code kc212 Freq laxative
Code kc212a Laxative
Code kc213 Freq other medication
Code kc213a Other medication
Code kc214 Daily medication
Code kc250 Hip, leg, foot investigation
Code kc251 Hip, leg, foot problems found
Code kc252 Age (mths) hip etc problems found
Code kc260 Suspected hearing problem
Code kc261 Who first suspected hearing problem
Code kc262 Hearing assessment centre
Code kc263 Age of check
Code kc270 Suspected vision problem
Code kc271 Who first suspected vision problem
Code kc272 Type of vision problem suspected
Code kc273 Eye specialist referral
Code kc274 Age (mths) at eye referral
Code kc280 Other referrals for problems
Code kc281 No. of problems referred
Code kc282a Specialist seen for 1st problem
Code kc282b Specialist seen for 2nd problem
Code kc282c Specialist seen for 3rd problem
Code kc283a Age (mths) seen for 1st problem
Code kc283b Age (mths) seen for 2nd problem
Code kc283c Age (mths) seen for 3rd problem
Code kc300 Hair colour
Code kc301 Eye colour
Code kc302 Marks on face
Code kc303 Differnce mark on face makes to looks
Code kc306 Marks elsewhere
Code kc310 No. of teeth
Code kc311 Age (mths) 1st tooth
Code kc313 Use of toothbrush
Code kc314 Use of toothpaste
Code kc315 Age (mths) toothpaste started
Code kc316 Amount toothpaste on brush
Code kc317 Times per day teeth brushed
Code kc318 Toothpaste swallowed
Code kc330 Times per day face washed
Code kc331 Times per day hands wiped
Code kc332 Hands cleaned before meal
Code kc333 Freq of bath or shower
Code kc334 Freq ears cleaned
Code kc340 Toilet training
Code kc341 Age (mths) started toilet training
Code kc345 Expected age (mths) dry in day
Code kc346 Expected age (mths) dry at night
Code kc347 Currently dry in day
Code kc348 Currently dry at night
Code kc349 Currently clean in day
Code kc350 Currently clean at night
Code kc360 Passive smoke exposure - weekday
Code kc361 Passive smoke exposure - weekend
Code kc362 Never exposed to passive smoke
Code kc363 Degree of weekly exposure to smoke
Code kc370 Cat contact
Code kc371 Dog contact
Code kc372 Other furry pet contact
Code kc373 Other pet contact
Code kc374 Any pet contact
Code kc400 No. meals with solids per day
Code kc400a No. meals with solids per day - grouped
Code kc401 Ever breast fed
Code kc402 Current breast feeds per day
Code kc403 Age stopped breast feeding
Code kc403a KC403 adjusted to 15mths
Code kc404 Duration of breast feeding
Code kc408 Main meal same as mum
Code kc408a Main meal same as mum - 3 categories
Code kc409 Main meal different
Code kc409a Main meal different - 3 categories
Code kc410 Main meal ready prepared
Code kc410a Main meal ready prepared - 3 categories
Code kc414 Difficulties feeding
Code kc414a Any difficulty in feeding
Code kc415 Want to feed self
Code kc416 Allowed to feed self
Code kc420 Worried because not eating enough
Code kc420a Did not eat enough
Code kc421 Worried because refusing food
Code kc421a Refused food
Code kc422 Worried because being choosy with food
Code kc422a Choosy with food
Code kc423 Worried because over-eats
Code kc423a Over-eats
Code kc424 Worried because lack of routine
Code kc424a Lack of routine
Code kc425 Feeding difficulties score
Code kc430 CH had baby milk since 6MTHS old
Code kc431 Age CH started baby milk
Code kc432 No. times per week CH has baby milk
Code kc433 CH had follow-on milk since 6MTHS old
Code kc434 Age CH started follow-on milk
Code kc435 No. of Times CH has follow-on milk
Code kc436 CH had soya formula since 6MTHS old
Code kc437 Age CH started soya formula
Code kc438 No. of times CH has soya formula
Code kc439 CH had HYPOALLERG formula since 6MTHS old
Code kc440 Age CH started HYPOALLERG formula
Code kc441 No. of times CH has HYPOALLERG formula
Code kc442 CH had goat milk since 6MTHS old
Code kc443 Age CH started goats milk
Code kc444 No. of Times CH has goats milk
Code kc445 CH had soya milk since 6MTHS old
Code kc446 Age CH started soya milk
Code kc447 No. times CH has soya milk
Code kc448 CH had cow milk since 6MTHS old
Code kc449 Age CH started cow milk
Code kc450 No. times CH has cow milk
Code kc451 CH had other milk since 6MTHS old
Code kc452 Age CH started other milk
Code kc453 No of times CH has other milk
Code kc454 Type of cow milk CH had
Code kc455 CH had baby rice since 6MTHS old
Code kc456 Age CH started baby rice
Code kc457 No of times CH has baby rice
Code kc458 CH had other baby cereal since 6MTHS old
Code kc459 Age CH started other baby cereal
Code kc460 No of times CH has other baby cereal
Code kc461 CH had breakfast cereal since 6MTHS old
Code kc462 Age CH started breakfast cereal
Code kc463 No of times CH has breakfast cereal
Code kc464 CH had rusks since 6MTHS old
Code kc465 Age CH started rusks
Code kc466 No of times CH has rusks
Code kc467 CH had bread or toast since 6MTHS old
Code kc468 Age CH started bread or toast
Code kc469 No of times CH has bread or toast
Code kc470 CH had biscuits since 6MTHS old
Code kc471 Age CH started biscuits
Code kc472 No of times CH has biscuits
Code kc473 CH had PKT meat since 6MTHS old
Code kc474 Age CH started PKT meat
Code kc475 No of times CH has PKT meat
Code kc476 CH had PKT fish since 6MTHS old
Code kc477 Age CH started PKT fish
Code kc478 No of times CH has PKT fish
Code kc479 CH had PKT VEG since 6MTHS old
Code kc480 Age CH started PKT VEG
Code kc481 No of times CH has PKT VEG
Code kc482 CH had PKT fruit PUD since 6MTHS old
Code kc483 Age CH started PKT fruit PUD
Code kc484 No of times CH has PKT fruit PUD
Code kc485 CH had PKT milk PUD since 6MTHS old
Code kc486 Age CH started PKT milk PUD
Code kc487 No of times CH has PKT milk PUD
Code kc488 CH had egg since 6MTHS old
Code kc489 Age CH started egg
Code kc490 No of times CH has egg
Code kc491 CH had cheese since 6MTHS old
Code kc492 Age CH started cheese
Code kc493 No of times CH has cheese
Code kc494 CH had meat PROD since 6MTHS old
Code kc495 Age CH started meat products
Code kc496 No of times CH has meat products
Code kc497 CH had fish PROD since 6MTHS old
Code kc498 Age CH started fish products
Code kc499 No of times CH has fish products
Code kc500 CH had potatoes since 6MTHS old
Code kc501 Age CH started potatoes
Code kc502 No of times CH has potatoes
Code kc503 CH had other VEG since 6MTHS old
Code kc504 Age CH started other VEG
Code kc505 No of times CH has other VEG
Code kc506 CH had fruit PUD since 6MTHS old
Code kc507 Age CH started fruit PUD
Code kc508 No of times CH has fruit PUD
Code kc509 CH had milk PUD since 6MTHS old
Code kc510 Age CH started milk PUD
Code kc511 No of times CH has milk PUD
Code kc512 CH had cola since 6MTHS old
Code kc513 Age CH started cola
Code kc514 No of times CH has cola
Code kc515 CH had other fizzy drink since 6MTHS old
Code kc516 Age CH started other fizzy drink
Code kc517 No of times CH has other fizzy drink
Code kc518 CH had apple juice since 6MTHS old
Code kc519 Age CH started apple juice
Code kc520 No of times CH has apple juice
Code kc521 CH had BC or RH drink since 6MTHS old
Code kc522 Age CH started blackcur or Rosehip drink
Code kc523 No of times CH has BC or RH drink
Code kc524 CH had other fruit juice since 6MTHS old
Code kc525 Age CH started other fruit juice
Code kc526 No of times CH had other fruit juice
Code kc527 CH had alcohol since 6MTHS old
Code kc528 Age CH started alcohol
Code kc529 No of times CH has alcohol
Code kc530 CH had other fruit drink since 6MTHS old
Code kc531 Age CH started other fruit drink
Code kc532 No of times CH has other fruit drink
Code kc533 CH had herbal drink since 6MTHS old
Code kc534 Age CH started herbal drink
Code kc535 No of times CH has herbal drink
Code kc536 CH had gripe water since 6MTHS old
Code kc537 Age CH started gripe water
Code kc538 No of times CH has gripe water
Code kc539 CH had tea since 6MTHS old
Code kc540 Age CH started tea
Code kc541 No of times CH has tea
Code kc542 CH had coffee since 6MTHS old
Code kc543 Age CH started coffee
Code kc544 No of times CH has coffee
Code kc570 Decaffeinated tea
Code kc571 Strength of tea
Code kc572 Decaffeinated coffee
Code kc573 Strength of coffee
Code kc574 Decaffeinated cola
Code kc575 Ordinary cola
Code kc576 Diet cola
Code kc577 Diet soft drinks
Code kc580 CH had PKT soup since 6MTHS old
Code kc581 Age CH started PKT soup
Code kc582 No of times CH has PKT soup
Code kc583 CH had canned soup since 6MTHS old
Code kc584 Age CH started canned soup
Code kc585 No of times CH has canned soup
Code kc586 CH had liver or its pate since 6MTHS old
Code kc587 Age CH started liver or its pate
Code kc588 No of times CH has liver or its pate
Code kc589 CH had kidney since 6MTHS old
Code kc590 Age CH started kidney
Code kc591 No of times CH has kidney
Code kc592 CH had shell fish since 6MTHS old
Code kc593 Age CH started shell fish
Code kc594 No of times CH has shell fish
Code kc595 CH had baked beans since 6MTHS old
Code kc596 Age CH started baked beans
Code kc597 No of times CH has baked beans
Code kc598 CH had green peas since 6MTHS old
Code kc599 Age CH started green peas
Code kc600 No of times CH has green peas
Code kc601 CH had other legumes since 6MTHS old
Code kc602 Age CH started other legume
Code kc603 No of times CH has other legume
Code kc604 CH had yoghurt since 6MTHS old
Code kc605 Age CH started yoghurt
Code kc606 No of times CH has yoghurt
Code kc607 CH had fig or fig PROD since 6MTHS old
Code kc608 Age CH started fig or fig products
Code kc609 No of times CH has fig or fig products
Code kc610 CH had raw apple since 6MTHS old
Code kc611 Age CH started raw apple
Code kc612 No of times CH has raw apple
Code kc613 CH had other raw fruit since 6MTHS old
Code kc614 Age CH started other raw fruit
Code kc615 No of times CH has other raw fruit
Code kc616 CH had raw carrot since 6MTHS old
Code kc617 Age CH started raw carrot
Code kc618 No of times CH has raw carrot
Code kc619 CH had other raw VEG since 6MTHS old
Code kc620 Age CH started other raw veg
Code kc621 No of times CH has other raw VEG
Code kc622 CH had nuts or nut PROD since 6MTHS old
Code kc623 Age CH started nuts or nut PROD
Code kc624 No of times CH has nuts or nut PROD
Code kc625 CH had crisps since 6MTHS old
Code kc626 Age CH started crisps
Code kc627 No of times CH has crisps
Code kc628 CH had other SAV snacks since 6MTHS old
Code kc629 Age CH started other savoury snacks
Code kc630 No of times CH has other savoury snacks
Code kc631 CH had chocolate since 6MTHS old
Code kc632 Age CH started chocolate
Code kc633 No of times CH had chocolate
Code kc634 CH had mints since 6MTHS old
Code kc635 Age CH started mints
Code kc636 No of times CH has mints
Code kc637 CH had sweets since 6MTHS old
Code kc638 Age CH started sweets
Code kc639 No of times CH has sweets
Code kc640 CH ever had gravy or soy sauce
Code kc641 Age added gravy or soy sauce to CH food
Code kc642 No. times adding gravy or soy sauce
Code kc643 CH ever had salt
Code kc644 Age added salt to CH food
Code kc645 No. times adding salt to CH food
Code kc646 CH ever had herbs
Code kc647 Age added herbs to CH food
Code kc648 No. times adding herbs to CH food
Code kc649 CH ever had spices
Code kc650 Age added spices to CH food
Code kc651 No. times adding spices to CH food
Code kc652 CH ever had tomato ketchup
Code kc653 Age added tomato ketchup to CH food
Code kc654 No. times adding tom ketchup to CH food
Code kc655 CH ever had other sauce
Code kc656 Age added other sauce to CH food
Code kc657 No. times adding other sauce to CH food
Code kc658 CH ever had sugar
Code kc659 Age added sugar to CH food
Code kc660 No. times adding sugar to CH food
Code kc680 Apple skin
Code kc681 Orange peel
Code kc682 Potato skin
Code kc683 Other skin
Code kc684 Any skins
Code kc690 CH ever had smoked or cured food
Code kc691 Age CH started smoked or cured food
Code kc692 No. times CH has smoked or cured food
Code kc693 CH ever had PKT microwave meal
Code kc694 Age CH started PKT microwave meal
Code kc695 No. times CH has PKT microwave meal
Code kc696 CH ever had BBQ food
Code kc697 Age CH started BBQ food
Code kc698 No. times CH has BBQ food
Code kc699 CH ever had sports drink
Code kc700 Age CH started sports drink
Code kc701 No. times CH has sports drink
Code kc710 Fed on demand
Code kc712 Other foods child eats
Code kc714 Other food (1) - age started
Code kc715 Other food (1) - times/wk
Code kc717 Other food (2) - age started
Code kc718 Other food (2) - times/wk
Code kc720 Other food (3) - age started
Code kc721 Other food (3) - times/wk
Code kc725 Deliberately low sugar
Code kc726 Deliberately iron added
Code kc727 Foods not allowed
Code kc740 Age started lumps
Code kc741 Age started lumps - grouped
Code kc742 Person who feeds child in day
Code kc743 Person who feeds child at night
Code kc744 Child is choosy about food
Code kc745 Uses cup or beaker
Code kc746 Put to sleep with bottle
Code kc747 Sucks dummy
Code kc748 Sucks thumb or finger
Code kc749 Has dummy dipped
Code kc750 Comfort object
Code kc751 Type of confort object
Code kc760 Childcare by partner
Code kc760a Hours partner involved per week
Code kc760b Age partner began (mths)
Code kc761 Childcare by grandparent
Code kc761a Hours grandparent involved per week
Code kc761b Age grandparent began (mths)
Code kc762 Childcare by other relative
Code kc762a Hours other relative involved per week
Code kc762b Age other relative began (mths)
Code kc763 Childcare by friend
Code kc763a Hours friend involved per week
Code kc763b Age friend began (mths)
Code kc764 Childcare by childminder
Code kc764a Hours childminder involved per week
Code kc764b Age childminder began (mths)
Code kc765 Childcare by nanny/babysitter
Code kc765a Hrs nanny/babysitter involved per week
Code kc765b Age nanny/babysitter began (mths)
Code kc766 Childcare by day nursery
Code kc766a Hours at day nursery per week
Code kc766b Age day nursery began (mths)
Code kc767 Childcare by other
Code kc767a Hours other involved per week
Code kc767b Age other began (mths)
Code kc769 Reason for this childcare
Code kc770 Satisfaction with care
Code kc799 No. of different carers
Code kc800 CH turns when name called
Code kc801 CH stops when told
Code kc802 CH understands Are you sleepy
Code kc803 CH understands Be quiet
Code kc804 CH understands Come here
Code kc805 CH understands Do you want more
Code kc806 CH understands Dont do that
Code kc807 CH understands Give me a kiss
Code kc808 CH understands Dont touch
Code kc809 CH understands Open your mouth
Code kc810 CH understands Sit down
Code kc811 CH understands Spit it out
Code kc812 CH understands Stop it
Code kc813 CH understands Time for bed
Code kc814 Understand Score
Code kc815 FREQ CH imitates words
Code kc816 FREQ CH names things
Code kc820 CH understands or says Ba ba
Code kc821 CH understands or says Meow
Code kc822 CH understands or says Moo
Code kc823 CH understands or says Quack quack
Code kc824 CH understands or says Woof woof
Code kc825 CH understands or says Bird
Code kc826 CH understands or says Butterfly
Code kc827 CH understands or says Cat
Code kc828 CH understands or says Chicken
Code kc829 CH understands or says Cow
Code kc830 CH understands or says Dog
Code kc831 CH understands or says Donkey
Code kc832 CH understands or says Elephant
Code kc833 CH understands or says Fish
Code kc834 CH understands or says Frog
Code kc835 CH understands or says Horse
Code kc836 CH understands or says Lion
Code kc837 CH understands or says Monkey
Code kc838 CH understands or says Owl
Code kc839 CH understands or says Penguin
Code kc840 CH understands or says Pig
Code kc841 CH understands or says Teddy Bear
Code kc842 CH understands or says Car
Code kc843 CH understands or says Bus
Code kc844 CH understands or says Bicycle
Code kc845 CH understands or says Aeroplane
Code kc846 CH understands or says Train
Code kc847 CH understands or says Lorry
Code kc848 CH understands or says Motorbike
Code kc849 CH understands or says Apple
Code kc850 CH understands or says Banana
Code kc851 CH understands or says Bread
Code kc852 CH understands or says Cake
Code kc853 CH understands or says Carrots
Code kc854 CH understands or says Cheese
Code kc855 CH understands or says Chicken
Code kc856 CH understands or says Drink
Code kc857 CH understands or says Egg
Code kc858 CH understands or says Fish
Code kc859 CH understands or says Ice Cream
Code kc860 CH understands or says Juice
Code kc861 CH understands or says Meat
Code kc862 CH understands or says Milk
Code kc863 CH understands or says Orange
Code kc864 CH understands or says Peas
Code kc865 CH understands or says Sweets
Code kc866 CH understands or says Spaghetti
Code kc867 CH understands or says Toast
Code kc868 CH understands or says Water
Code kc869 CH understands or says Button
Code kc870 CH understands or says Coat
Code kc871 CH understands or says Dress
Code kc872 CH understands or says Hat
Code kc873 CH understands or says Necklace
Code kc874 CH understands or says T-shirt
Code kc875 CH understands or says Nappy
Code kc876 CH understands or says Shoe
Code kc877 CH understands or says Sock
Code kc878 CH understands or says Sweater/Jumper
Code kc879 CH understands or says Zip
Code kc880 CH understands or says Arm
Code kc881 CH understands or says Tummy button
Code kc882 CH understands or says Cheek
Code kc883 CH understands or says Ear
Code kc884 CH understands or says Eye
Code kc885 CH understands or says Face
Code kc886 CH understands or says Foot
Code kc887 CH understands or says Finger
Code kc888 CH understands or says Hair
Code kc889 CH understands or says Hand
Code kc890 CH understands or says Head
Code kc891 CH understands or says Knee
Code kc892 CH understands or says Leg
Code kc893 CH understands or says Mouth
Code kc894 CH understands or says Nose
Code kc895 CH understands or says Tooth
Code kc896 CH understands or says Toe
Code kc897 CH understands or says Tongue
Code kc898 CH understands or says Tummy
Code kc899 CH understands or says Bathroom
Code kc900 CH understands or says Bed
Code kc901 CH understands or says Bedroom
Code kc902 CH understands or says Chair
Code kc903 CH understands or says Door
Code kc904 CH understands or says Drawer
Code kc905 CH understands or says Kitchen
Code kc906 CH understands or says Lounge or LROOM
Code kc907 CH understands or says Oven
Code kc908 CH understands or says Fridge
Code kc909 CH understands or says Sink
Code kc910 CH understands or says Stairs
Code kc911 CH understands or says Table
Code kc912 CH understands or says TV
Code kc913 CH understands or says Window
Code kc914 CH understands or says Flower
Code kc915 CH understands or says Garden
Code kc916 CH understands or says Home
Code kc917 CH understands or says House
Code kc918 CH understands or says Moon
Code kc919 CH understands or says Park
Code kc920 CH understands or says Rain
Code kc921 CH understands or says Sky
Code kc922 CH understands or says Sun
Code kc923 CH understands or says Swing
Code kc924 CH understands or says Tree
Code kc925 CH understands or says Water
Code kc926 CH understands or says Bath
Code kc927 CH understands or says Breakfast
Code kc928 CH understands or says Hello
Code kc929 CH understands or says Night night
Code kc930 CH understands or says No
Code kc931 CH understands or says Please
Code kc932 CH understands or says Thankyou
Code kc933 CH understands or says Yes
Code kc934 CH understands or says Asleep
Code kc935 CH understands or says All gone
Code kc936 CH understands or says Bad
Code kc937 CH understands or says Big
Code kc938 CH understands or says Broken
Code kc939 CH understands or says Cold
Code kc940 CH understands or says Dirty
Code kc941 CH understands or says Dry
Code kc942 CH understands or says Empty
Code kc943 CH understands or says Gentle
Code kc944 CH understands or says Happy
Code kc945 CH understands or says Hot
Code kc946 CH understands or says Hungry
Code kc947 CH understands or says Hurt
Code kc948 CH understands or says Little
Code kc949 CH understands or says Naughty
Code kc950 CH understands or says Nice
Code kc951 CH understands or says Thirsty
Code kc952 CH understands or says Tired
Code kc953 CH understands or says Wet
Code kc954 Vocabulary Score
Code kc955 DV: Number of words CH understands (out of 134) at 15m
Code kc956 DV: Number of words CH can say (out of 134) at 15m
Code kc958 CH extends arm to show thing held
Code kc959 CH reaches out & gives object held
Code kc960 CH points at interesting object or event
Code kc961 CH waves unprompted when someone leaves
Code kc962 CH extends arms up to be picked up
Code kc963 CH shakes head to indicate No
Code kc964 CH nods head to indicate Yes
Code kc965 CH puts finger to lips to indicate hush
Code kc966 CH opens & closes hand to ask for thing
Code kc967 CH blows kiss from distance
Code kc968 Non-Verbal Communication Score
Code kc970 CH eats with spoon or fork
Code kc971 CH drinks liquid from a cup
Code kc972 CH combs or brushes own hair
Code kc973 CH brushes teeth
Code kc974 CH wipes face or hands with towel
Code kc975 CH puts on hat
Code kc976 CH puts on shoe or sock
Code kc977 CH puts on necklace, bracelet or watch
Code kc978 CH head on hands & shuts eyes as asleep
Code kc979 CH blows as if thing is hot
Code kc980 CH holds & flies plane
Code kc981 CH holds phone to ear
Code kc982 CH sniffs flowers
Code kc983 CH pushes car or truck
Code kc984 CH pretends to pour liquid
Code kc985 CH stirs pretend liquid in cup or pan
Code kc986 Social Development Score
Code kc990 Total Communication Score
Code kc995a Questionnaire by MUM
Code kc995b Questionnaire by DAD
Code kc995c Questionnaire by other
Code kc996 Date of completing questionnaire-MTH
Code kc996a Date of completing questionnaire-YRS
Code kc997 Age in months at completion
Code kc999 Q'aire completed with aid of interviewer