Dataset Description


ALSPAC My Son/Daughter Questionnaire Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Text aln_qlet
Numeric aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code kb001 Form date
Code kb010 Health of child in 1st months
Code kb011 Health of child in past month
Code kb013 No. of BCGs
Code kb012 BCG immunisation
Code kb015 No. of DTPs
Code kb014 DTP immunisation
Code kb017 No of DTs
Code kb016 DT immunisation
Code kb019 No. of Polio
Code kb018 Polio immunisation
Code kb023 No. of Hib
Code kb022 Hib immunisation
Code kb021 No. of others
Code kb020 Other immunisation
Code kb024 TEMP or unwell AFT immunisation
Code kb025 Time between immunisation & onset
Code kb026 Fluoride treatment
Code kb026a Baby had fluoride treatment
Code kb027 Home visit by DR for sick CH
Code kb028 NO of visits
Code kb029 Visited Dr for CH PROB
Code kb030 NO of visits
Code kb032 Diarrhoea
Code kb031 Child had diarrhoea
Code kb034 Blood in stools
Code kb033 Child had blood in stools
Code kb036 Vomited
Code kb035 Child vomited
Code kb038 Cough
Code kb037 Child had cough
Code kb040 High temperature
Code kb039 Child had high temperature
Code kb042 Cold
Code kb041 Child had cold
Code kb044 Earache
Code kb043 Child had earache
Code kb046 Ear discharge
Code kb045 Child had ear discharge
Code kb048 Convulsions
Code kb047 Child had convulsions
Code kb050 Colic
Code kb049 Child had colic
Code kb052 Rash
Code kb051 Child had rash
Code kb054 Wheeze
Code kb053 Child wheezed
Code kb056 Breathlessness
Code kb055 Child had breathlessness
Code kb058 Stopped breathing at times
Code kb057 Child stopped breathing at times
Code kb060 An accident
Code kb059 Child had an accident
Code kb062 Other condition
Code kb061 Child had an other condition
Code kb066 CH admitted to HOSP
Code kb067 NO of HOSP admissons
Code kb068 NO of times saw CH in HOSP
Code kb069 Overnight stay in HOSP with CH
Code kb070 CH had hernia repaired
Code kb070a Hernia repaired
Code kb071 CH circumcised
Code kb071a Circumsised
Code kb072 CH had other OP
Code kb072a Other operation
Code kb073 NO of baby clinic visits by CH
Code kb074 Child had wheezing attacks
Code kb075 Incidents of wheezing attacks
Code kb076 Total days of wheezing
Code kb077 CH breathless during wheezing attack
Code kb078 CH had fever during wheezing attack
Code kb079 Age at 1ST wheezing attack
Code kb080 Age of latest wheezing attack
Code kb081 MUM thinks bronchitis caused wheezing
Code kb082 MUM thinks smoke caused wheezing
Code kb083 MUM thinks cold weather caused wheezing
Code kb084 MUM thinks other cause for wheezing
Code kb085 Other children had wheezing attacks
Code kb086 CH had rash in joints & creases
Code kb087 Severity of rash
Code kb088 CH has this rash at PRES
Code kb089 CH had oozing or crusted rash
Code kb090 Severity of rash
Code kb091 CH has this rash at PRES
Code kb092 CH had nappy rash
Code kb093 Severity of nappy rash
Code kb094 CH has nappy rash at PRES
Code kb095 CH had cradle cap
Code kb096 Severity of cradle cap
Code kb097 Redness with cradle cap
Code kb098 Itching with cradle cap
Code kb099 CH has cradle cap at PRES
Code kb101 Frequency child possets
Code kb100 Child known to posset
Code kb103 Frequency child vomits
Code kb102 Child known to vomit
Code kb104 NO of times nappy is dirtied in day
Code kb105 FREQ that stools are hard
Code kb106 FREQ that stools are soft
Code kb107 FREQ that stools are curdy
Code kb108 FREQ that stools are liquid
Code kb109 FREQ that stools are green
Code kb110 FREQ that stools are brown
Code kb111 FREQ that stools are black
Code kb112 FREQ that stools are yellow
Code kb113 CH had diarrhoea or GAST-ENT
Code kb114 NO of times CH had diarrhoea or GAST-ENT
Code kb115 NO of days of worst bout
Code kb116 DR called to home
Code kb117 Visited DR
Code kb118 CH treated by MUM at home
Code kb119 Other action taken
Code kb120 Fed CH as usual
Code kb121 Duration of feeding disturbances
Code kb122 CH given oral rehydration solution
Code kb123 Duration of oral rehydration treatment
Code kb124 CH coughed for at least 2 days
Code kb125 Age CH 1ST had cough attack
Code kb126 NO of cough attacks
Code kb127 CH had fever with cough attacks
Code kb128 CH had runny nose with cough attacks
Code kb129 CH listens to people & events'
Code kb130 CH turns head towards sound
Code kb131 Hearing worse during or after a cold
Code kb132 During colds nose mucus is clear
Code kb133 During colds nose mucus is white
Code kb134 During colds mucus is yellow or green
Code kb135 During colds mucus is slight
Code kb136 DK about mucus during colds
Code kb137 CH pulls scratches or pokes own ears
Code kb138 CH ears red & sore for a long time
Code kb139 Pus or mucus from ears
Code kb140 CH breathes through mouth not nose
Code kb141 CH snores > few MINS at a time
Code kb142 Sleeping CH holds breath for a time
Code kb200 CH burnt or scalded
Code kb201 NO of times CH burnt
Code kb202 Action of person with CH - 1st burn
Code kb203 Action of person with CH - 2nd burn
Code kb204 Action of person with CH - 3rd burn
Code kb205 CH dropped or fell
Code kb206 NO of times CH has fallen
Code kb207 Action of person with CH - 1st fall
Code kb208 Action of person with CH - 2nd fall
Code kb209 Action of person with CH - 3rd fall
Code kb210 CH had other accident
Code kb211 NO of other accidents
Code kb212 Action of person with CH - 1st accident
Code kb213 Action of person with CH - 2nd accident
Code kb214 Action of person with CH - 3rd accident
Code kb220 CH known to have had accident
Code kb221 No. of accidents
Code kb251 Ch had formula
Code kb251a KB251 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb252 Age started formula
Code kb252a KB252 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb253 No. of times per week child has formula
Code kb253a KB253 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb254 CH had follow-on milk
Code kb254a KB254 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb255 Age started follow-on milk
Code kb255a KB255 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb256 No. times per week child has follow-on milk
Code kb256a KB256 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb257 CH had soya milk
Code kb257a KB257 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb258 Age started soya milk
Code kb258a KB258 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb259 No. times per week child has soya milk
Code kb259a KB259 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb260 Child had goat's milk
Code kb260a KB260 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb261 Age started goat's milk
Code kb261a KB261 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb262 No. times per week child has goat's milk
Code kb262a KB262 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb263 CH had hypo-allergenic formula
Code kb263a KB263 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb264 Age started hypo-allergenic formula
Code kb264a KB264 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb265 No. times per week child has hypo-allergenic formula
Code kb265a KB265 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb266 Ch had cows milk
Code kb266a KB266 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb267 Age started cow's milk
Code kb267a KB267 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb268 No. times per week child has cow's milk
Code kb268a KB268 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb275 Ever breast-fed
Code kb276 No. times a day currently breast feeding
Code kb277 Whole months of age when BF stopped
Code kb278 Remaining weeks of age when BF stopped
Code kb279 Age in weeks when breast feeding stopped
Code kb280 Duration of breast feeding
Code kb282 NO of solid meals a day
Code kb283 Cereal added to CH bottle
Code kb284 Sugar added to CH food or bottle
Code kb288 CH had plain baby rice
Code kb288a KB288 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb289 Age started plain baby rice
Code kb289a KB289 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb290 Times per week ch has plain baby rice
Code kb290a KB290 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb291 CH had flavoured baby rice
Code kb291a KB291 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb292 Age started flavoured baby rice
Code kb292a KB292 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb293 Times per week flavoured baby rice
Code kb293a KB293 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb294 CH had other cereal
Code kb294a KB294 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb295 Age started other cereal
Code kb295a KB295 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb296 Times per week child has other cereal
Code kb296a KB296 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb297 CH had sweetened rusks
Code kb297a KB297 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb298 Age started sweetened rusks
Code kb298a KB298 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb299 Times per week ch has sweetened rusks
Code kb299a KB299 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb300 CH had plain rusks
Code kb300a KB300 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb301 Age started plain rusks
Code kb301a KB301 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb302 Times per week ch has plain rusks
Code kb302a KB302 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb303 Ch had bread or toast
Code kb303a KB303 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb304 Age started bread or toast
Code kb304a KB304 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb305 Times per week ch has bread or toast
Code kb305a KB305 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb306 CH had biscuits
Code kb306a KB306 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb307 Age started biscuits
Code kb307a KB307 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb308 Times per week child has biscuits
Code kb308a KB308 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb315 CH had prepared savoury meat
Code kb315a KB315 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb316 Age started prepared meat
Code kb316a KB316 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb317 No times per week ch has prepared meat
Code kb317a KB317 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb318 CH had prepared savoury fish
Code kb318a KB318 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb319 Age started prepared fish
Code kb319a KB319 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb320 No times per week ch has prepared fish
Code kb320a KB320 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb321 CH had prepared savoury VEG
Code kb321a KB321 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb322 Age started prepared vegetable
Code kb322a KB322 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb323 No times per wk ch has prepared veg
Code kb323a KB323 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb324 CH had prepared fruit pudding
Code kb324a KB324 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb325 Age started prepared fruit pudding
Code kb325a KB325 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb326 No times per wk ch has prep'd fruit pud
Code kb326a KB326 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb327 CH had prepared milk pudding
Code kb327a KB327 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb328 Age started prepared milk pudding
Code kb328a KB328 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb329 No times per wk ch has prep'd milk pud
Code kb329a KB329 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb335 CH had home cooked egg
Code kb335a KB335 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb336 Age started home cooked egg
Code kb336a KB336 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb337 No times per wk ch has home cooked egg
Code kb337a KB337 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb338 CH had home cooked meat
Code kb338a KB338 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb339 Age started prepared meat
Code kb339a KB339 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb340 No times per wk ch has prepared meat
Code kb340a KB340 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb341 CH had home cooked fish
Code kb341a KB341 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb342 Age started prepared fish
Code kb342a KB342 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb343 No times per wk ch has prepared fish
Code kb343a KB343 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb344 CH had home cooked potatoes
Code kb344a KB344 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb345 Age started prepared potatoes
Code kb345a KB345 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb346 No times per wk ch has prepared potatoes
Code kb346a KB346 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb347 CH had home cooked VEG
Code kb347a KB347 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb348 Age started prepared vegetables
Code kb348a KB348 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb349 No times per wk ch has prepared veg
Code kb349a KB349 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb350 CH had homemade fruit puddings
Code kb350a KB350 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb351 Age started prepared fruit puddings
Code kb351a KB351 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb352 No times per wk ch has prep'd fruit pud
Code kb352a KB352 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb353 CH had homemade milk puddings
Code kb353a KB353 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb354 Age started prepared milk puddings
Code kb354a KB354 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb355 No times per wk ch has prep'd milk pud
Code kb355a KB355 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb361 CH had coca cola or pepsi
Code kb361a KB361 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb362 Age started cocal cola or pepsi
Code kb362a KB362 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb363 No times per wk ch has coca cola or pepsi
Code kb363a KB363 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb364 CH had other fizzy drink
Code kb364a KB364 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb365 Age started other fizzy drink
Code kb365a KB365 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb366 No times per wk ch has other fizzy drink
Code kb366a KB366 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb367 CH had apple juice
Code kb367a KB367 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb368 Age started apple juice
Code kb368a KB368 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb369 No times per wk ch has apple juice
Code kb369a KB369 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb370 CH had a little alcohol
Code kb370a KB370 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb371 Age started a little alcohol
Code kb371a KB371 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb372 No times per week child has alcohol
Code kb372a KB372 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb373 CH had BC juice or RH syrup
Code kb373a KB373 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb374 Age started BC juice or RH syrup
Code kb374a KB374 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb375 No times per wk ch has BC juice or RH syrup
Code kb375a KB375 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb376 CH had other fruit drink
Code kb376a KB376 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb377 Age started other fruit drink
Code kb377a KB377 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb378 No times per wk ch has other fruit drink
Code kb378a KB378 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb379 CH had herbal drink
Code kb379a KB379 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb380 Age started prepared herbal drink
Code kb380a KB380 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb381 No times per week child has herbal drink
Code kb381a KB381 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb382 CH had gripe water
Code kb382a KB382 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb383 Age started gripe water
Code kb383a KB383 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb384 No times per week child has gripe water
Code kb384a KB384 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb385 CH had tea
Code kb385a KB385 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb386 Age started tea
Code kb386a KB386 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb387 No times per week child has tea
Code kb387a KB387 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb388 CH had coffee
Code kb388a KB388 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb389 Age started coffee
Code kb389a KB389 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb390 No times per week child has coffee
Code kb390a KB390 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb391 CH had raw fruit
Code kb391a KB391 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb392 Age started raw fruit
Code kb392a KB392 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb393 No times per week child has raw fruit
Code kb393a KB393 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb394 CH had crisps
Code kb394a KB394 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb395 Age started crisps
Code kb395a KB395 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb396 No times per week child has crisps
Code kb396a KB396 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb397 CH had chocolates
Code kb397a KB397 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb398 Age started chocolate
Code kb398a KB398 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb399 No times per week child has chocolate
Code kb399a KB399 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb400 CH had sweets
Code kb400a KB400 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb401 Age started sweets
Code kb401a KB401 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb402 No times per week child has sweets
Code kb402a KB402 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb403 CH had raw VEG
Code kb403a KB403 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb404 Age started raw vegetable
Code kb404a KB404 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb405 No times per wk ch has raw vegetable
Code kb405a KB405 adjusted to 6mth
Code kb406 DVC4-C7: Age started solids (mths)
Code kb406a DVC4-C7: First solid food
Code kb411 CH was slow feeding
Code kb410 Slow feeding
Code kb413 CH took only small quantities at feed
Code kb412 Small quantities at each feed
Code kb415 CH choked
Code kb414 Choking
Code kb417 CH not full
Code kb416 Hungry/not satisfied
Code kb419 CH allergic to milk
Code kb418 Allergy to milk
Code kb421 CH refused breast milk
Code kb420 Refused breast milk
Code kb423 CH refused other milk
Code kb422 Refused other milk
Code kb425 CH refused solids
Code kb424 Refused solids
Code kb427 No feeding routine established
Code kb426 No est. feeding routine
Code kb430 Difficulties feeding CH
Code kb432 CH fed lying with bottle held by CH
Code kb433 CH fed lying with bottle held by carer
Code kb434 CH fed sitting with bottle held by CH
Code kb435 CH fed sitting with bottle held by carer
Code kb436 CH fed whilst in someones arms
Code kb437 CH is fed on demand
Code kb438 Feeder of CH in day
Code kb439 Feeder of CH at night
Code kb440 CH is given a dummy
Code kb440a Child uses dummy
Code kb441 CH drinks from a cup
Code kb450 CH has REG sleeping routine at PRES
Code kb451 NO of HRS CH sleeps each AM
Code kb452 NO of MINS CH sleeps each AM
Code kb453 NO of HRS CH sleeps each PM
Code kb454 NO of MINS CH sleeps each PM
Code kb455 NO of HRS CH sleeps each night
Code kb456 NO of MINS CH sleeps each night
Code kb461 Time asleep in am (hrs)
Code kb462 Time asleep in pm (hrs)
Code kb463 Time asleep at night (hrs)
Code kb464 Total time asleep (hrs)
Code kb465 Total time asleep grouped
Code kb457 Hour CH goes to sleep in evening
Code kb458 Min CH goes to sleep in evening
Code kb459 Hour CH wakes in morning
Code kb460 Min CH wakes in morning
Code kb470 CH difficult when put to bed
Code kb471 FREQ CH wakes at night
Code kb472 No. of awakenings per night
Code kb475 CH fed milk on waking at night
Code kb476 CH fed other drink on waking at night
Code kb477 CH cuddled on waking at night
Code kb478 CH given dummy on waking at night
Code kb479 CH put in MUMS bed on waking at night
Code kb480 CH nappy change on waking at night
Code kb481 Other things done when CH wakes at night
Code kb482 Wake CH for night feed
Code kb483 Where CH sleeps at night
Code kb484 Where CH sleeps after waking in AM
Code kb485 CH shares bed at night
Code kb486 CH shares bed after waking in AM
Code kb490 Heating on at night in CHS room
Code kb491 Window open at night in CHS room
Code kb492 CH sleeps with duvet at night
Code kb493 CH has ELEC blanket at night
Code kb494 CH sleeps with pillow at night
Code kb500 CH cries in AM
Code kb501 CH cries in afternoon
Code kb502 CH cries in evening
Code kb503 CH cries at night
Code kb504 CH cries at other time
Code kb505 Ch appears in pain & can't be calmed
Code kb506 Attacks at particular time
Code kb507 Noticed what brings on attack
Code kb508 Duration of attack
Code kb509 CH cries as much as other CHDR
Code kb510 CH crying is a PROB
Code kb511 Action when CH cries
Code kb512 Able to calm crying CH
Code kb513 CH uses special object for comfort
Code kb514 Description of special object
Code kb515 FREQ CH is bathed
Code kb530 NO of times CH is taken to local shops
Code kb525 Ch taken to local shops
Code kb531 NO of times CH is taken to department store
Code kb526 Ch taken to dept store
Code kb532 NO of times CH is taken to supermarket
Code kb527 Ch taken to supermarket
Code kb533 NO of times CH is taken to park
Code kb528 Ch taken to park
Code kb534 NO of times CH is taken to FRDS/FAM
Code kb529 Ch taken to visit friends/family
Code kb535 CH has cuddly toys
Code kb536 CH has push/pull toys
Code kb537 CH has co-ordination toys
Code kb538 CH has walker
Code kb539 CH has baby bouncer
Code kb540 NO of books CH owns
Code kb541 Child has own books
Code kb542 MUM teaches CH
Code kb543 Mum tries to teach child
Code kb544 MUM talks to CH while working
Code kb545 Age (mths) CH expected to be dry in day
Code kb545a Age group CH expected to be dry in day
Code kb546 Age (mths) CH expected to be dry in night
Code kb546a Age group CH expected to be dry in night
Code kb547 Potty training CH
Code kb548 Time CH spends in smokers room on WKDAYS
Code kb550 Time CH spends in smokers room at WKENDS
Code kb549 Ch known to be in smokers rm on wkdays
Code kb551 Ch known to be in smokers rm at wkends
Code kb552 CH sees CHDR other than siblings
Code kb553 Child sees children other than sibs
Code kb554 FREQ MUM plays with CH
Code kb555 Mum plays with child
Code kb556 FREQ MUM sings to CH
Code kb558 FREQ MUM shows CH picture books
Code kb560 FREQ MUM & CH play with toys
Code kb562 FREQ MUM cuddles CH
Code kb564 FREQ MUM physically plays with CH
Code kb566 FREQ MUM takes CH for walks
Code kb568 FREQ MUM does other things with CH
Code kb570 Freq partner plays with child
Code kb571 Partner plays with child
Code kb572 PTNR baths CH
Code kb573 PTNR feeds CH
Code kb574 PTNR sings to CH
Code kb575 PTNR shows CH picture books
Code kb576 PTNR & CH play with toys
Code kb577 PTNR cuddles CH
Code kb578 PTNR plays physically with CH
Code kb579 PTNR takes CH for walks
Code kb580 PTNR & CH do other things
Code kb581 Activity Score
Code kb582 Home score
Code kb583 Mother's parenting score
Code kb584 Partner's parenting score
Code kb585 Mother and Home score
Code kb586 Parents and Home score
Code kb589 Other CHDR in HHOLD
Code kb590 NO of other boys
Code kb590a Other boys grouped
Code kb591 NO of other girls
Code kb591a Other girls grouped
Code kb592 No. of other children
Code kb592a Other children grouped
Code kb593 Reaction of 1st of other children
Code kb594 Reaction of 2nd of other children
Code kb595 Reaction of 3rd of other children
Code kb596 Reaction of 4th of other children
Code kb597 Reaction of 5th of other children
Code kb598 CHDR jealous/unhappy about CH
Code kb599 First child jealous/unhappy
Code kb600 Second child jealous/unhappy
Code kb601 Third child jealous/unhappy
Code kb602 Fourth child jealous/unhappy
Code kb603 Fifth child jealous/unhappy
Code kb604 Other INFO on CHDRS reactions
Code kb610 CH has twin
Code kb611 Child has twin/triplet/quad
Code kb612 Twins SIM in looks
Code kb613 Twins SIM in behaviour
Code kb614 Twins SIM in personality
Code kb615 Twins SIM in health
Code kb616 Similarity of twins dress
Code kb617 CH likes to be with twin
Code kb618 CH does not notice twin
Code kb619 CH upset if parted from twin
Code kb650 CH had cough MED in past 6MTHS
Code kb650a Cough medicine
Code kb651 CH had antibiotics in past 6MTHS
Code kb651a Antibiotics
Code kb652 CH had throat MED in past 6MTHS
Code kb652a Throat medicine
Code kb653 CH had vitamins in past 6MTHS
Code kb653a Vitamins
Code kb654 CH had paracetamol/calpol in past 6MTHS
Code kb654a Paracetamol/Calpol
Code kb655 CH had skin ointment in past 6MTHS
Code kb655a Skin ointment
Code kb656 CH had eye ointment in past 6MTHS
Code kb656a Eye ointment
Code kb657 CH had diarrhoea MIX in past 6MTHS
Code kb657a Diarrhoea mix
Code kb658 CH had decongestant in past 6MTHS
Code kb658a Decongestant
Code kb659 CH had ear drops in past 6MTHS
Code kb659a Ear drops
Code kb660 CH had eye drops in past 6MTHS
Code kb660a Eye drops
Code kb661 CH had teething gel in past 6MTHS
Code kb661a Teething gel
Code kb662 CH had laxative in past 6MTHS
Code kb662a Laxative
Code kb663 CH had other MEDTN in past 6MTHS
Code kb663a Other medication
Code kb664 Daily CH MEDTN in last 3MTHS
Code kb665 CHS hips examined
Code kb666 Age at 1ST hip examination
Code kb667 Ultrasound examination on CH hips
Code kb668 CH hips been x-rayed
Code kb669 PROBS found with CH hips
Code kb670 Age when hip PROBS found
Code kb671 Treatment for CH hip PROB
Code kb680 Suspected hearing PROB
Code kb681 Person suspecting PROB
Code kb682 CH seen at hearing ASSES CENT
Code kb683 Age CH seen at hearing ASSES CENT
Code kb690 Thought CH had squint
Code kb690a Squint
Code kb691 HLTH WKER thought CH had squint
Code kb691a HW thought squint
Code kb692 Other POSS PROB with CH eyes
Code kb692a Other eye probs
Code kb693 CH referred to eye specialist
Code kb693a Eye specialist
Code kb700 CH referred to specialist for other PROB'
Code kb700a Other specialist
Code kb701 NO of different PROBS
Code kb711 CH eats same amount of solid food daily
Code kb712 CH fussy on waking & going to sleep
Code kb713 CH plays with toys <1MIN then changes
Code kb714 CH sits still to watch activity or TV
Code kb715 CH accepts change of position or feeder
Code kb716 CH accepts nail cutting
Code kb717 CH hunger cry stopped by comforting
Code kb718 CH plays >10MINS with toy
Code kb719 CH accepts bath anytime
Code kb720 CH feeds quietly showing likes
Code kb721 CH shows discomfort with dirty nappy
Code kb722 CH lies quietly in bath
Code kb723 CH REQ milk feeds about same time of day
Code kb724 CH shy on 1ST meeting CHDR
Code kb725 CH fusses during nappy change
Code kb726 CH amuses self for 1/2 HR +
Code kb727 CH moves during nappy change & dressing
Code kb728 CH resists extra food when full
Code kb729 CH resists change in feeding routine
Code kb730 CH bowel movement at DIFF time each day
Code kb731 CH stops play to watch someone walk by
Code kb732 CH ignores voices when playing with toy
Code kb733 CH sounds happy at nappy change/dress
Code kb734 CH accepts new food at once
Code kb735 CH watches other CHDR <1MIN
Code kb736 CH reacts mildly to bright lights
Code kb737 CH is pleasant in unfamiliar places
Code kb738 CH sleepy at same time each PM
Code kb739 CH accepts REG procedures
Code kb740 CH perseveres at new skills
Code kb741 CH moves a lot when awake in cot
Code kb742 CH objects to changes in bath habits
Code kb743 CH fretful in new places
Code kb744 CH notices change in MUMS appearance
Code kb745 CH reacts strongly to foods
Code kb746 CH pleasant during REG procedures
Code kb747 CH cries in spite of soothing
Code kb748 CH tries to get unobtainable toy >2MINs
Code kb749 CH greets new toys with much expression
Code kb750 CH plays actively with parents
Code kb751 CH watches other toys though got one
Code kb752 CH accepts strangers when at home
Code kb753 CH wants naps at DIFF times of day
Code kb754 No CH reaction to DIFF food tastes
Code kb755 CH cries when left to play alone
Code kb756 CH adjusts to new surroundings <10 MINS
Code kb757 CH naps for same time each day
Code kb758 CH moves a lot during feeds
Code kb759 CH reacts to changes in lighting
Code kb760 Talk & games sooth CH when tired
Code kb761 CH demonstative during nappy change
Code kb762 CH sleeps & wakes in same position
Code kb763 CH reacts to changes in milk/drink
Code kb764 CH calmed about dirty nappy by attention
Code kb765 CH takes food at same time of day
Code kb766 CH happy despite interruptions to feeds
Code kb767 CH soon accepts change in bath habits
Code kb768 CH cries <1MIN when given injections
Code kb769 CH moves a lot when given injections
Code kb770 CH still reacts to repeated noise
Code kb771 CH avoids change in food
Code kb772 CH time of waking varies each day
Code kb773 CH rejects disliked food/MED
Code kb774 CH reacts to gentle touch
Code kb775 CH reacts strongly to strangers
Code kb776 CH grasps objects within reach
Code kb777 CH seems unaware of DIFFS in food
Code kb778 CH most active at same time of day
Code kb779 CH is bothered by DIFF sleeping place
Code kb780 CH reacts mildly to familiar people
Code kb781 CH wants extra feed at DIFF time of day
Code kb782 CH still wary of strangers after 15MINS
Code kb783 CH moves little while playing with toys
Code kb784 CH distracted during procedures by games
Code kb785 CH stays calm with minor injuries
Code kb786 CH instantly accepts DR
Code kb787 CH reacts to disliked food even if mixed
Code kb788 CH plays quietly with toys
Code kb789 CH lies still during procedures
Code kb790 CH stops sucking to look for noise
Code kb791 CH attends to game with PRT <1MIN
Code kb792 CH calm in bath
Code kb793 CH REQS >3times to accept new food
Code kb794 CH objects at 1ST to new procedures
Code kb795 CH acts same with wet or dry nappy
Code kb796 CH fusses or cries during DRS EXAM
Code kb797 CH accepts changes in foods <3 tries
Code kb798 CH moves much when playing by self
Code kb800a Activity Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb800b Activity Score (Prorated)
Code kb800c Activity Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb800d Number of Missing Activity Score Components
Code kb801a Rhythmicity Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb801b Rhythmicity Score (Prorated)
Code kb801c Rhythmicity Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb801d Number of Missing Rhythmicity Score Components
Code kb802a Approach Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb802b Approach Score (Prorated)
Code kb802c Approach Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb802d Number of Missing Approach Score Components
Code kb803a Adaptability Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb803b Adaptability Score (Prorated)
Code kb803c Adaptability Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb803d Number of Missing Adaptability Score Components
Code kb804a Intensity Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb804b Intensity Score (Prorated)
Code kb804c Intensity Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb804d Number of Missing Intensity Score Components
Code kb805a Mood Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb805b Mood Score (Prorated)
Code kb805c Mood Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb805d Number of Missing Mood Score Components
Code kb806a Persistence Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb806b Persistence Score (Prorated)
Code kb806c Persistence Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb806d Number of Missing Persistence Score Components
Code kb807a Distractibility Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb807b Distractibility Score (Prorated)
Code kb807c Distractability Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb807d Number of Missing Distractibility Score Components
Code kb808a Threshold Score (Complete Cases)
Code kb808b Threshold Score (Prorated)
Code kb808c Threshold Score (Prorated, Corrected for Age & Gestation)
Code kb808d Number of Missing Threshold Score Components
Code kb809a Number of Complete Case Temperament Scores
Code kb809b Number of Prorated Temperament Scores
Code kb809c Number of Corrected Temperament Scores
Code kb811 CH looks at older peoples faces
Code kb812 CH smiles when smiled at
Code kb813 CH does not want toys taken away
Code kb814 CH can feed self with rusk or SIM
Code kb815 CH tries for out of reach toys
Code kb816 CH shy with strangers
Code kb817 CH plays peek-a-boo
Code kb818 CH plays pat-a-cake
Code kb819 CH can drink from a cup
Code kb820 CH shows whats wanted without crying
Code kb821 CH can put hands together
Code kb822 CH can hold a rattle
Code kb823 CH can focus eyes on small objects
Code kb824 CH reaches for objects
Code kb825 CH looks for hidden objects
Code kb826 CH sitting can pick up 2 things at once
Code kb827 CH can pick up small objects
Code kb828 CH can pass objects from hand to hand
Code kb829 CH can bang held objects together
Code kb830 CH grabs objects with whole hand
Code kb831 CH picks up object with 4fingers & thumb
Code kb832 CH reacts to a bell ring
Code kb833 CH makes noises other than crying
Code kb834 CH laughs
Code kb835 CH squeals
Code kb836 CH turns towards speaking person'
Code kb837 CH tries to copy speech
Code kb838 CH says dada & mama
Code kb839 CH says & understands dada & mama
Code kb840 CH keeps head steady when sitting
Code kb841 CH lifts chest & shoulders when on front
Code kb842 CH can roll over
Code kb843 CH bears weight on legs when upright
Code kb844 CH can sit up with no support
Code kb845 CH can stand whilst holding something
Code kb846 CH can pull self up by holding something
Code kb847 CH can sit from standing position
Code kb848 CH can walk when holding something
Code kb849 CH lifts head when on front
Code kb850 CH can stand with no support
Code kb851 CH can stoop & stand again when upright
Code kb852 CH can crawl on hands & knees
Code kb853 Development I
Code kb853a Development I (adj)
Code kb854 Development II
Code kb854a Development II (adj)
Code kb855 Development III
Code kb855a Development III (adj)
Code kb856 Development IV
Code kb856a Development IV (adj)
Code kb857 Total development score
Code kb857a Total (adj) development score
Code kb860 NO of CHS teeth
Code kb861 Age when 1ST tooth appeared
Code kb862 Description of recent CH action
Code kb871 Questionnaire completed by MUM
Code kb872 Questionnaire completed by PTNR
Code kb873 Questionnaire completed by other person
Code kb874 DD of completing questionnaire
Code kb875 Date questionnaire completed - month
Code kb876 Date questionnaire completed - year
Code kb879a Age of child at completion (months)
Code kb879b Age of child at completion (weeks)
Code kb899 Completed with aid of interviewer


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