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The drawings below show different amounts of female pubic hair. A girl can go through each of the five stages shown. Please look at each of the drawings. It is also important to read the descriptions.

Put a tick in the box to the right of the drawing that is the closest to the amount of pubic hair your daughter has.

There is no pubic hair
There is a little long, lightly coloured hair. This may be straight or a little curly
The hair is darker in this stage. It is coarser and more curled. It has spread out and thinly covers a bigger area
The hair is now as dark, curly and coarse as that of an adult woman. However, the area that the hair covers is not as large as that of an adult woman. The hair has not spread out to the legs
The hair is now like an adult woman. It also covers the same area as that of an adult woman. The hair usually forms a triangular pattern as it spreads out to the legs
Not sure
NOTE: Your daughter's pubic hair stage may or may not be the same as her stage of breast development
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