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Boys go through the various stages of physical development at different ages. Some start as early as 6, others not until they are 16. We need your help in letting us know what stage your son is at. Please look at each of the drawings. It is also important to read the descriptions.

Put a tick in the box that is closest to your son's current stage.

The size and shape of the testes, scrotum (the sac holding the testes) and penis are about the same as when he was younger.
The penis is a little bit bigger. The scrotum has dropped and the skin of the scrotum has changed. The testes are bigger.
The penis has grown longer, the testes have grown and dropped lower.
The penis is longer and wider. The head of the penis is bigger, the scrotum is a darker colour and bigger. The testes are bigger.
The penis, scrotum and testes are the size and shape of a man's.
Not sure
As part of development, at some stage hair will start to grow just above the penis.
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