Dataset Description


ALSPAC Boy/Girl Toddler Questionnaire Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Text aln_qlet
Numeric aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code kd001 Form date
Code kd010 Childs Health in Past Month
Code kd011 Childs Health in Past Year
Code kd025 CH Was Unwell or Had TEMP After IMM
Code kd029 Time Between IMM and Effects
Code kd030 Child had Fluoride Supplements
Code kd031 Length of Time Supplements Taken
Code kd032 Age Stopped
Code kd035 Dr. Called to Home Since CH 6 Months
Code kd036 No. times Dr called to home
Code kd040a Diarrhoea Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd040b Diarrhoea since 6mths (adj)
Code kd041a Blood in Stools Since Child 6 Months
Code kd041b Blood in stools since 6mths (adj)
Code kd042a Vomiting Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd042b Vomiting since 6mths (adj)
Code kd043a Cough Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd043b Cough since 6mths (adj)
Code kd044a High Temperature Since Child 6 Months
Code kd044b High temperature since 6mths (adj)
Code kd045a Cold Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd045b Cold since 6mths (adj)
Code kd046a Earache Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd046b Ear ache since 6mths (adj)
Code kd047a Ear Discharge Since Child 6 Months
Code kd047b Ear discharge since 6mths (adj)
Code kd048a Fits Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd048b Convulsions since 6mths (adj)
Code kd049a Colic Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd049b Colic since 6mths (adj)
Code kd050a Rash Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd050b Rash since 6mths (adj)
Code kd051a Wheezing Since Child 6 Months
Code kd051b Wheezing since 6mths (adj)
Code kd052a Breathlessness Since Child 6 Months
Code kd052b Breathlessness since 6mths (adj)
Code kd053a Stopped Breathing Since Child 6 Months
Code kd053b Ever stopped breathing since 6mths (adj)
Code kd054a Accident Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd054b Accident since 6mths (adj)
Code kd055a Other Problem Since Child 6 Months
Code kd055b Other symptom since 6mths (adj)
Code kd057 Child hospitalized since 6 Months Old
Code kd058 NO of Times Child Hospitalized
Code kd059a FREQ of HOSP Visits by MUM 1st Admsn
Code kd059b FREQ of HOSP Visits by MUM 2nd Admsn
Code kd059c FREQ of HOSP Visits by MUM 3rd Admsn
Code kd060a Child Had Hernia Repair
Code kd060b Hernia repair (adj)
Code kd061a Child Had Circumcision
Code kd061b Circumcision (adj)
Code kd062a CH Had Other Operation
Code kd062b Other operation (adj)
Code kd068 FREQ of CHs Visits to Clinic Since 6 MTHS
Code kd070 Wheezing & Whistling on Chest since 6 MTHS
Code kd071 NO of Times Wheezing & Whistling
Code kd072 Total NO of Days When Wheezing Occurred
Code kd073 Breathlessness During Wheezing Episodes
Code kd074 Fever During Episodes
Code kd075 Age When First Occurred
Code kd076 Age When Last Occurred
Code kd077 Caused by Chest Infection
Code kd078 Caused by Smoky Surroundings
Code kd079 Caused by Cold Weather
Code kd080 Cause Unknown
Code kd081 Other Cause
Code kd084 SIBS Had Similar Wheezing
Code kd085 CH Had Rash in Joints Since Aged 6 MTHS
Code kd086 Severity of Rash in Joints
Code kd087 Child Has Rash at Present
Code kd088 Oozing or Crusted Rash Since Aged 6 MTHS
Code kd089 Severity of Oozing or Crusted Rash
Code kd090 CH Has Oozing Rash at Present
Code kd091 Vomiting Spells Since Child Aged 6 Months
Code kd092 NO of Times - Vomiting Spells
Code kd093 Vomiting Associated With Diarrhoea
Code kd094 Vomiting Associated With Chestiness
Code kd095 Vomiting Associated With Fever
Code kd098 FREQ of Motions
Code kd100a FREQ of Hard Motions
Code kd100b Freq motions are hard (adj)
Code kd101a FREQ of Soft Motions
Code kd101b Freq motions are soft (adj)
Code kd102a FREQ of Curdy Motions
Code kd102b Freq motions are curdy (adj)
Code kd103a FREQ of Liquid Motions
Code kd103b Freq motions are liquid (adj)
Code kd104a FREQ of Green Motions
Code kd104b Freq motions are green (adj)
Code kd105a FREQ of Brown Motions
Code kd105b Freq motions are brown (adj)
Code kd106a FREQ of Black Motions
Code kd106b Freq motions are black (adj)
Code kd107a FREQ of Yellow Motions
Code kd107b Freq motions are yellow (adj)
Code kd110 DIAR or GAST ENT Since CH 6 MTHS
Code kd111a No of times CH had diarrhoea
Code kd111b No. diarrhoea episodes (adj)
Code kd112 Duration of Worst Attack
Code kd113 Asked DR to Visit Home
Code kd114 Rang Doctor
Code kd115 Went to Doctor
Code kd116 Self Treatment
Code kd117 Other Action Taken
Code kd118 Continued Feeding as Normal
Code kd119 Duration of Feeding Disruption
Code kd120 Treatment With ORS
Code kd121 Duration of ORS Treatment
Code kd125 Cough for >2 days since CH 6mths
Code kd126 Childs Age at First Attack
Code kd127 FREQ of Attacks
Code kd128 Fever Occurred With Attacks
Code kd129 Runny Nose Occurred With Attacks
Code kd130 Child Listens to Nearby Sounds
Code kd131 Child Turns Head Towards Sounds
Code kd132 CHs Hearing Deteriorates During a Cold
Code kd133 Clear Discharge From Nose During Cold
Code kd134 White Discharge From Nose During Cold
Code kd135 Yellow/Green Dischrge From Nose during Cold
Code kd136 Little Discharge From Nose Occurs
Code kd137 Child Pulls or Scratches Ears
Code kd138 CH Had Red Sore Ears
Code kd139 CH Had Pus or Sticky Mucus Leaking From Ears
Code kd140 CH Breathes Through Mouth
Code kd141 CH Has Prolonged Snoring
Code kd142 CH Holds Breath While Asleep
Code kd145 CH Had Pain in Stomach
Code kd146 NO of Separate Episodes
Code kd147 Age of Child at 1st Episode
Code kd148 Age of Child at Last Episode
Code kd150 CH Had Fit Causing Unconsciousness
Code kd152 CH Had High TEMP at the Time
Code kd153 Age of Child at 1st Attack
Code kd154 Total NO of Attacks
Code kd155 Doctor Made Home Visit
Code kd156 Visit to Doctors Surgery
Code kd157 CH was Hospital Outpatient
Code kd158 CH was Admitted to Hospital
Code kd161 CH had Medication for Attacks
Code kd162 Attack at < 1 MTH
Code kd163 Attack at 1-5 MTHs
Code kd164 Attack at 6-11 MTHs
Code kd165 Attack at > 1 YR
Code kd166 Attacks Due to Febrile Convulsions
Code kd167 Attacks Due to Fainting and Blackouts
Code kd168 Attacks Due to Epilepsy
Code kd169 Attacks Due to Breath-Holding
Code kd170 Attacks Due to Reaction to IMM
Code kd171 Other Reason for Attacks
Code kd175a Child Had German Measles
Code kd175b German measles (adj)
Code kd176a Child Had measles
Code kd176b Measles (adj)
Code kd177a Child Had Chickenpox
Code kd177b Chicken pox (adj)
Code kd178a Child Had mumps
Code kd178b Mumps (adj)
Code kd179a CH Had Meningitis
Code kd179b Meningitis (adj)
Code kd180a CH Had Other Infection
Code kd180b Other infection (adj)
Code kd200 CH Has Regular Sleeping Routine
Code kd201 NO of Hours Child Sleeps During Daytime
Code kd202a Normal Bedtime for Child - Hour
Code kd202b Normal Bedtime for Child - Minute
Code kd203a Normal Waking Time for Child - Hour
Code kd203b Normal Waking Time for Child - Minute
Code kd204 Duration of sleep at night (minutes)
Code kd204b No. hours asleep at night
Code kd205a NO of Times CH Wakes During Night
Code kd205b Time ch wakes during night (adj)
Code kd206 NO of Times CH Sleeps During Day
Code kd207a Room CH Put Down to Sleep at Night In
Code kd207b Room CH Wakes in Morning
Code kd208a CH Shares Bed When Put Down to Sleep
Code kd208b CH Shares Bed When Wakes in Morning
Code kd210a Heating on at Night in Room CH Sleeps
Code kd210b Heating on at night (adj)
Code kd211a Open Windows in Room CH Sleeps In
Code kd211b Window open at night (adj)
Code kd212a CH Sleeps With Duvet
Code kd212b Ch sleeps with a duvet (adj)
Code kd213a CH Has Electric Blanket on at Night
Code kd213b Ch sleeps with an electric blanket (adj)
Code kd214a CH Sleeps With Pillow
Code kd214b Ch sleeps with a pillow (adj)
Code kd215 Thermometer Present in Childs Room
Code kd216a Thermometer Used to Alter NO Bedclothes
Code kd216b Alters no. bedclothes (adj)
Code kd218 CHs Sleep Pattern COMP Other Children
Code kd219a CH REG Refused to go to Bed in Past YR
Code kd219b Ch refused to go to bed (adj)
Code kd220a CH REG Woken Early in Past YR
Code kd220b Ch reg woke early (adj)
Code kd221a CH REG Difficulty Going to Sleep Past YR
Code kd221b Ch reg had diffs sleeping (adj)
Code kd222a CH REG Had Nightmares in Past YR
Code kd222b Ch reg had nightmares (adj)
Code kd223a CH REG Restless After Put to Bed in Past YR
Code kd223b Ch reg got up (adj)
Code kd224a CH REG Woken in Night in Past YR
Code kd224b Ch reg woke in night (adj)
Code kd225a CH REG Got up After Little sleep Past YR
Code kd225b Ch reg got up after few hrs (adj)
Code kd228 Time CH Spends Crying COMP to Others
Code kd229 FREQ of CH Fussing and Whining
Code kd230 FREQ CH Cries For No Reason
Code kd231 FREQ CH Cries in Mornings
Code kd232 FREQ CH Cries Before 5 PM
Code kd233 FREQ CH Cries After 5 PM
Code kd234 FREQ CH Cries During Night
Code kd235 FREQ CH Cries at Other Times
Code kd236 MUM Can Calm CH When Crying
Code kd237 MUM SMTS Feels CHs Crying is a Problem
Code kd238 FREQ MUM Uses Food to Stop CH Crying
Code kd239a MUM Uses Sweets to Stop CH Crying
Code kd239b Sweets given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd240a MUM Uses Chocolates to Stop CH Crying
Code kd240b Choc given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd241a MUM Uses Crisps to Stop CH Crying
Code kd241b Crisps given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd242a MUM Uses Fruit to Stop CH Crying
Code kd242b Fruit given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd243a MUM Breastfeeds to Stop CH Crying
Code kd243b Breast milk given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd244a MUM Uses Milk to Stop CH Crying
Code kd244b Milk drink given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd245a MUM Uses Other Drink to Stop CH Crying
Code kd245b Other drink given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd246a MUM Uses Other Food to Stop CH Crying
Code kd246b Other food given to stop crying (adj)
Code kd248a CH Taken Homeopathic Medicine
Code kd248b Homeopathic medicines taken (adj)
Code kd260 MUM Worried About Possible CH Accident
Code kd261 MUM Worried by Meningitis Threat
Code kd262 MUM Worried by Asthma Threat
Code kd263 MUM Worried Threat of CH Fits
Code kd264 MUM Worried About CH Mental Handicap
Code kd265 MUM Worried by Threat of AIDS to CH
Code kd266 MUM Worried by Other PROBS Affecting CH
Code kd270 FREQ of MUMs Arguments With CH
Code kd272 Usual Winner of Argument
Code kd273 FREQ of Noncompliance With MUM About Bed
Code kd274 FREQ CH Stays up After Bedtime
Code kd275 FREQ CH Sleeps Before Put to Bed
Code kd276 FREQ CH Made to go to Bed
Code kd277 FREQ of Play/Read Before Bed
Code kd278 FREQ of Cuddling Until CH Asleep
Code kd279 FREQ CH Has Bottle Before Bed
Code kd280 FREQ CH Has Dummy Before Bed
Code kd281 FREQ of Other Methods to Placate CH
Code kd283 FREQ CH Refuses Meal Prepared by MUM
Code kd284 CH Given Other Meal When Dislikes First
Code kd285 CH Has Dessert When Refused Main Meal
Code kd286 CH Must Eat Some Meal Before Dessert
Code kd287 Other Action Taken When CH Refuses Meal
Code kd290a FREQ CH Has Temper Tantrums
Code kd290b Temper tantrums (adj)
Code kd291 Tantrums Caused by Frustrated Desires
Code kd292 Tantrums From CH Being Misunderstood
Code kd293 Tantrums Due to Correction by Others
Code kd294 Tantrums For no Special Reason
Code kd295 Tantrums Due to Other Reason
Code kd297 MUM Ignores CHs Tantrums
Code kd298 MUM Sends CH Away During Tantrums
Code kd299 MUM Cuddles CH During Tantrums
Code kd300 MUM Reasons With CH During Tantrums
Code kd301 MUM Leaves Other Person to Cope
Code kd302 MUM Distracts CH During Tantrums
Code kd303 MUM Smacks CH During Tantrums
Code kd304 MUM Shouts at CH During Tantrums
Code kd305 MUM Reacts Otherwise to Tantrums
Code kd307 CH Repeatedly Rocks Head or Body
Code kd307a Ch repeatedly rocks head or body (adj)
Code kd308 CH Has Tick or Twitch
Code kd308a Ch has tick or twitch (adj)
Code kd309 CH Has Other Unusual Behaviour
Code kd309a Ch has other unusual behaviour (adj)
Code kd315 FREQ CH Taken to Local Shops
Code kd316 FREQ CH Taken to Department Store
Code kd317 FREQ CH Taken to Supermarket
Code kd318 FREQ CH Taken to Park
Code kd319 FREQ CH Visits Family/Friends
Code kd320 FREQ CH Taken to Library
Code kd321 FREQ CH Taken to Places of Interest
Code kd322 FREQ CH Taken to Places of Entertainment
Code kd325 Activity Score
Code kd330 FREQ CH Allowed to Walk Without Restraint
Code kd331 FREQ CH Walks Holding MUMs Hand
Code kd332 FREQ CH Walks With Reins
Code kd333 FREQ CH Carried in Backpack
Code kd334 FREQ CH Carried in MUMs Arms
Code kd335 FREQ CH Put in Pushchair
Code kd337 FREQ CH Walks Freely in Own Home
Code kd338 FREQ CH Walks Freely in Own Garden
Code kd339 Freq CH walks freely in others homes
Code kd340 Freq CH walks freely in others gardens
Code kd341 Freq CH walks freely in park
Code kd342 Freq CH walks freely in other place
Code kd344 Proximity of CH to MUM
Code kd345 Foods Forbidden to CH by MUM
Code kd350 Foods Forbidden For Health Reasons
Code kd351 Foods Forbidden Due to Religion/Morals
Code kd352 Foods Forbidden Due to Allergy
Code kd353 Foods Forbidden Due to Medical Advice
Code kd354 Foods Forbidden Since CH May Choke
Code kd355 Foods Forbidden Due to Other Reasons
Code kd357 Degree of Choice For CH at Meals
Code kd359 Degree of Choice for CH With Clothes
Code kd360 Child Has Cuddly Toys
Code kd361 Child Has Push or Pull Toys
Code kd362 Child Has Co-ordination Toys
Code kd363 Child Has Baby Walker
Code kd364 Child Has Baby Bouncer
Code kd365 NO of Books Owned by Child
Code kd366 MUM Tries to Teach Child
Code kd367 MUM Teaches Clapping Games
Code kd368 MUM Teaches Names of Body Parts
Code kd369 MUM Teaches Waving Good-bye
Code kd370 MUM Teaches Colours
Code kd371 MUM Teaches Alphabet
Code kd372 MUM Teaches Numbers
Code kd373 MUM Teaches Nursery Rhymes
Code kd374 MUM Teaches Songs
Code kd375 MUM Teaches Shapes and Sizes
Code kd376 MUM Teaches Politeness
Code kd377 MUM Teaches Other Things
Code kd380 FREQ MUM Talks to CH During Housework
Code kd380a HOME score
Code kd381 FREQ TV on in Mornings
Code kd382 FREQ TV on in Afternoons
Code kd383 FREQ TV on in Evenings
Code kd384 CH Watches TV
Code kd385 CH Watches Childrens Programmes
Code kd386 CH Watches Other Programmes
Code kd387 CH Watches Childrens Videos
Code kd388 CH Watches Other Videos
Code kd390 FREQ CH Plays With Other Kids
Code kd391 FREQ PTNR Baths CH
Code kd392 FREQ PTNR Feeds CH
Code kd393 FREQ PTNR Sings to CH
Code kd394 FREQ PTNR Reads to CH
Code kd395 FREQ PTNR Plays With Toys With CH
Code kd396 FREQ PTNR Cuddles CH
Code kd397 FREQ PTNR Plays Pat-a-Cake etc With CH
Code kd398 FREQ PTNR Has Physical Play With CH
Code kd399 FREQ PTNR Takes CH For Walks
Code kd400 FREQ PTNR Does Other Activity With CH
Code kd401 Partner's parenting score
Code kd405 FREQ MUM Baths CH
Code kd406 FREQ MUM Feeds CH
Code kd407 FREQ MUM Sings to CH
Code kd408 FREQ MUM Reads to CH
Code kd409 FREQ MUM Plays With Toys With CH
Code kd410 FREQ MUM Cuddles CH
Code kd411 FREQ MUM Plays Pat-a-Cake Etc With CH
Code kd412 FREQ MUM Has Physical Play With CH
Code kd413 FREQ MUM Takes CH For Walks
Code kd414 FREQ MUM Does Other Activity With CH
Code kd415 Mum's parenting score
Code kd420 FREQ CH Avoids Contact After SEP
Code kd421 FREQ CH Pushes MUM Away After SEP
Code kd422 FREQ CH Cuddles MUM After SEP
Code kd430 Other Kids in House
Code kd431 Older Children Living With CH
Code kd432 NO of Older Brothers
Code kd433 NO of Older Sisters
Code kd434 No. of older siblings
Code kd435 CH Likes to be With Older Children
Code kd436 CH Quarrels With Older Children
Code kd437 CH Upset if Apart From Older Children
Code kd440 CH Has Twin or Triplet
Code kd441 Twins Alike in Looks
Code kd442 Twins Alike in Behavior
Code kd443 Twins Alike in Personality
Code kd444 Twins Alike in Health
Code kd445 Twins Dressed Similarly
Code kd446 CH Likes to be With Twin
Code kd447 CH Quarrels With Twin
Code kd448 CH Upset if Apart From Twin
Code kd450 CH Has Younger SIBS
Code kd451 NO of Younger Brothers
Code kd452 NO of Younger Sisters
Code kd453 No. of younger siblings
Code kd454a Age of Younger SIBS - Child 1
Code kd454b Age of Younger SIBS - Child 2
Code kd454c Age of Younger SIBS - Child 3
Code kd455a
Code kd455b
Code kd455c
Code kd460 Reaction CH to Arrival of SIB #1
Code kd461 Reaction CH to Arrival of SIB #2
Code kd462 Reaction CH to Arrival of SIB #3
Code kd463 CH Enjoys Touching Younger SIBS
Code kd464 CH Tries to Harm Younger SIBS
Code kd465 CH Affectionate to Younger SIBS
Code kd466 CH Helps MUM Look After Younger SIBS
Code kd467 CH Resents Younger SIBS
Code kd468 CH Gets Angry With Younger SIBS
Code kd500a CH Taken Into Care Since 6 MTHS
Code kd500b Ch taken into care (adj)
Code kd501a Pet Died Since Child 6 Months Old
Code kd501b A pet died (adj)
Code kd502a CH Moved Home Since 6 Months Old
Code kd502b Ch moved home (adj)
Code kd503a CH Had Shock Since 6 Months Old
Code kd503b Ch had fright (adj)
Code kd504a CH Physically Hurt by Person > 6 MTHS
Code kd504b Ch physically hurt by someone (adj)
Code kd505a CH Sexually Abused > 6 MTHS
Code kd505b Ch sexually abused (adj)
Code kd506a CH Separated 1+ WK From MUM > 6 MTHS
Code kd506b Ch separated from mum for > a wk (adj)
Code kd507a CH Separated 1+ WK From DAD > 6 MTHS
Code kd507b Ch separated from dad for > a wk (adj)
Code kd508a CH Acquired New Parent > 6 MTHS
Code kd508b Ch acquired a new parent (adj)
Code kd509a CH Had New SIB > 6 MTHS
Code kd509b Ch had a new sibling (adj)
Code kd510a CH Admitted to HOSP > 6 MTHS
Code kd510b Ch admitted to hospital (adj)
Code kd511a Change of Care Giver > CH 6 MTHS
Code kd511b Ch changed carer (adj)
Code kd512a CH Separated From Someone Else > 6 MTHS
Code kd512b Ch separated from someone else (adj)
Code kd513a CH Started Creche > 6 MTHS
Code kd513b Ch started nursery (adj)
Code kd514a CH Had Other Upsetting Event > 6 MTHS
Code kd514b Ch had other upsetting event (adj)
Code kd515 Life events score
Code kd600 CH Can Drink From Cup
Code kd601 CH Indicates Desires Without Crying
Code kd602 CH Copies MUM Doing Housework
Code kd603 CH Uses Spoon Without Spilling
Code kd604 CH Helps MUM With Simple Tasks
Code kd605 CH Can Undress With Help
Code kd606 CH Can Put Own Shoes On
Code kd607 CH Can Wash and Dry Own hands
Code kd608 CH Indicates Need For Lavatory
Code kd609 CH Plays Happily by Self
Code kd610 CH Eats With Spoon and Fork
Code kd611 CH Shy When Meets Stranger
Code kd612 CH Plays Peek-a-boo
Code kd613 CH Plays Pat-a-cake With MUM
Code kd614 Social Achievement Score
Code kd620 CH Can Hold a Rattle
Code kd621 CH Can Focus on Small Object
Code kd622 CH Can Pick up Small Object
Code kd623 CH Can Pass Object Between Hands
Code kd624 CH Can Bang 2 SIM Objects Together
Code kd625 CH Grabs Objects Using Whole Hand
Code kd626 CH Picks Small Object With Finger+Thumb
Code kd627 CH Scribbles With Pencil
Code kd628 CH Can Build Tower of Objects
Code kd629 CH Can Build Tower of 3 Bricks
Code kd630 CH Can Build Tower of 4 Bricks
Code kd631 CH Can Build Tower of 8 Bricks
Code kd632 CH Holds Pencil in Fist
Code kd633 CH Can Copy Vertical Line in Pencil
Code kd634 CH Points to What CH Wants
Code kd635 CH Turns Book Pages
Code kd636 Fine Motor Score
Code kd640 CH Reacts to Ringing Bell
Code kd641 CH Turns Towards People Speaking
Code kd642 CH Tries to Copy What MUM Says
Code kd643 CH Says & Understands Mama & Dada
Code kd644 CH Says & Understands > 3 Other Words
Code kd645 CH Combines 2 DIFF Words
Code kd646 CH Points to Toes When Asked
Code kd647 CH Uses Plurals
Code kd648 CH Gives First Name
Code kd649 CH Gives First & Last Names
Code kd650 CH Understands the Word Cold
Code kd651 CH Understands the Word Hungry
Code kd652 CH Can Name 3 Colours
Code kd653 CH Makes Negative Statements
Code kd654 Communication Score
Code kd660 CH Can Stand Briefly Without Support
Code kd661 CH Can Bend Down & Stand Up Again
Code kd662 Can stand alone for at least a minute
Code kd663 CH Can Walk Holding Others Hand
Code kd664 CH Can Take 5+ steps Unaided
Code kd665 CH Can Walk Backwards 5+ Steps
Code kd666 CH Can Shuffle on Bottom
Code kd667 CH Can Kick a Ball
Code kd668 CH Can Throw a Ball
Code kd669 CH Can Stand on 1 foot for 1+ Seconds
Code kd670 CH Can Jump Up & Down
Code kd671 CH Can Climb Stairs
Code kd672 Gross Motor Score
Code kd675 Total Development Score
Code kd700 MUM Worried About CH Speech Development
Code kd701 MUM Worried About CH Weight Development
Code kd702 MUM Worried About CH Height Development
Code kd703 MUM Worried About CH Behavior Develpmnt
Code kd704 MUM Worried About CH General Development
Code kd705 Worries over development
Code kd980 Questionnaire Completed by MUM
Code kd981 Questionnaire Completed by DAD
Code kd982 Questionnaire Completed by other
Code kd990 Age at completion (months)
Code kd991 Date Questionnaire Completed - Month
Code kd992 Date Questionnaire Completed - Year
Code kd995 Month of birth
Code kd999 Questionnaire competed with aid of interviewer