Dataset Description


ALSPAC My Sons/Daughters Health and Behaviour Questionnaire Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Text aln_qlet
Numeric aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code kj001 Form Date
Code kj010 CHs Health in Past Month
Code kj011 CHs Health in Past Year
Code kj020 CH Had Diarrhoea Past 12 Months
Code kj021 CH Had Diarrhoea Y/N
Code kj022 CH Had Blood in Stools Past 12 Months
Code kj023 CH Had Blood in Stools Y/N
Code kj024 CH Had Vomiting Past 12 Months
Code kj025 CH Had Vomiting Y/N
Code kj026 CH Had Cough Past 12 Months
Code kj027 CH Had Cough Y/N
Code kj028 CH Had High TEMP Past 12 Months
Code kj029 CH Had High Temp Y/N
Code kj030 CH Had Cold Past 12 Months
Code kj031 CH Had Cold Y/N
Code kj032 CH Had Ear Ache Past 12 Months
Code kj033 CH Had Ear Ache Y/N
Code kj034 CH Had Ear Discharge Past 12 Months
Code kj035 CH Had Ear Discharge Y/N
Code kj036 CH Had Convulsions Past 12 Months
Code kj037 CH Had Convulsions Y/N
Code kj038 CH Had Stomach Ache Past 12 Months
Code kj039 CH Had Stomach Ache Y/N
Code kj040 CH Had Rash Past 12 Months
Code kj041 CH Had Rash Y/N
Code kj042 CH Had Wheezing Past 12 Months
Code kj043 CH Had Wheezing Y/N
Code kj044 CH Had Breathlessness Past 12 Months
Code kj045 CH Had Breathlessness Y/N
Code kj046 CH Stopped Breathing Past 12 Months
Code kj047 CH Stopped Breathing Y/N
Code kj048 CH Had an Accident Past 12 Months
Code kj049 CH Had an Accident Y/N
Code kj050 CH Had Headache Past 12 Months
Code kj051 CH Had Headache Y/N
Code kj052 CH Had Other Illness Past 12 Months
Code kj053 Child Had Other Illness Y/N
Code kj060 CH Admitted to HOSP Past 12 Months
Code kj061 Times CH Admitted to HOSP Past 12 Months
Code kj070a No. Times Mum Saw CH - ADM #1
Code kj070b No. Times Mum Saw CH - ADM #2
Code kj070c No. Times Mum Saw CH - ADM #3
Code kj075 CH Had Hernia Repair
Code kj076 CH Had Operation for Squint
Code kj077 CH Had Grommets
Code kj078 CH Had Other Operation
Code kj079 Had Operation
Code kj090 CH Had Wheezing Periods Past 12 Months
Code kj091 Times CH Had Wheezing Past 12 Months
Code kj092 NO Days CH Wheezed Past 12 Months
Code kj093 CH Breathless When Wheezing
Code kj094 CH Feverish When Wheezing
Code kj095 CHs Wheezing Caused by Chest Infection
Code kj096 CHs Wheezing Caused by Smoky Room
Code kj097 CHs Wheezing Caused by Cold Weather
Code kj098 DK What Causes CHs Wheezing
Code kj099 CHs Wheezing Caused by Other Factor
Code kj100 CH Had Dry Itchy Rash In Joints
Code kj101 Severity of CHs Skin PROB
Code kj102 CH Has Skin Rash Now
Code kj104 Sore and Oozy Rash
Code kj105 CHs Skin PROB Worse by Irritants
Code kj106 CH Had Dry Rash on Hands Past 12 Months
Code kj107 CH Had Dry Rash on Feet Past 12 Months
Code kj108 CHs Skin is Itchy When Sweaty
Code kj109 CH Had Reaction Due to Food
Code kj112 Location of CHs Reaction to Food
Code kj113a TEXT: Skin reaction to Fruit/Veg 42 mths
Code kj113b TEXT: Skin reaction to Fruit/Veg Flavouring 42 mths
Code kj113c TEXT: Skin reaction to Dairy products 42 mths
Code kj113d TEXT: Skin reaction to Other Foods 42 mths
Code kj115 CH Vomited Past 12 Months
Code kj116 Times CH Vomited Past 12 Months
Code kj117 CH Vomiting Associated With Diarrhoea
Code kj118 CH Vomiting Associated With Chestiness
Code kj119 NO. Of Motions CH Has
Code kj120 CH Has Hard Stools
Code kj121 CH Has Soft Stools
Code kj122 CH Has Curdy Stools
Code kj123 CH Has Liquid Stools
Code kj124 CH Has Green Stools
Code kj125 CH Has Brown Stools
Code kj126 CH Has Black Stools
Code kj127 CH Has Yellow Stools
Code kj130 CH Had Diarrhoea Past 12 Months
Code kj131 Times CH Had Diarrhoea Past 12 Months
Code kj132 NO of Days CHs Worst Diarrhoea
Code kj133 MUM Called GP to Home for CH Diarrhoea
Code kj134 MUM Went to GP for CH Diarrhoea
Code kj135 MUM Treated CHs Diarrhoea
Code kj136 Other Treatment For Diarrhoea
Code kj137 MUM Fed CH Normally When Diarrhoea
Code kj138 Time Feeding Disturbed When CH Diarrhoea
Code kj139 CHs Diarrhoea Treated W Oral Rehydration
Code kj141 Time Rehydration Given to CH
Code kj145 CH Coughed for 2 Days Past 12 Months
Code kj146 Times CH Coughed For Period Past 12 Mnths
Code kj147 CH Had Fever When Had Cough
Code kj148 CH had Runny Nose & Cough
Code kj150 CH Listens to People&Things Nearby
Code kj151 CH Turns Head Towards Sounds
Code kj152 CHs Hearing Worse During Cold
Code kj153 CH Had Clear Nasal Discharge
Code kj154 CH Had White Nasal Discharge
Code kj155 CH Had Thick Green Nasal Discharge
Code kj156 CH Had Little Nasal Discharge
Code kj157 CH Pulls Scratches Pokes at Ears
Code kj158 CHs Ears Go Red & Sore for Long Time
Code kj158a CHs Ears Go Red & Sore Y/N
Code kj159 CH Had Pus or Mucus From Ear
Code kj159a CH Had Pus/Mucus From Ear Y/N
Code kj160 CH Breathes Through Mouth Not Nose
Code kj160a CH Breathes Through Mouth Y/N
Code kj161 CH Snores For Minutes at a Time
Code kj161a CH Snores For Minutes At Time Y/N
Code kj162 CH Holds Breath For Few SECs When Asleep
Code kj162a CH Holds Breath Y/N
Code kj165 CH Had Stomach Pain Past 12 Months
Code kj166 Times CH Had Stomach Pain Past 12 Months
Code kj167 CH Lost Consciousness Past 12 Months
Code kj169 CH Had High TEMP When Unconscious
Code kj170 CHs Age When Unconscious
Code kj171 NO of Unconscious Periods CH Ever Had
Code kj172 GP Saw CH For Attack at Home
Code kj173 GP Saw CH For Attack at Surgery
Code kj174 CH Went to Casualty For Attack
Code kj175 CH Admitted To Hospital For Attack
Code kj180 CHs Attacks Due to Febrile Convulsions
Code kj181 CHs Attacks Due to Fainting
Code kj182 CHs Attacks Due to Epilepsy
Code kj183 CHs Attacks Due to Breath Holding
Code kj184 CHs Attacks as Reaction to Immunisation
Code kj185 Other Reason For CHs Attack
Code kj190 CH Ever Had Measles
Code kj191 CH Ever Had Chicken Pox
Code kj192 CH EverHad Mumps
Code kj193 CH Ever Had Meningitis
Code kj194 CH Ever Had Cold Sores
Code kj195 CH Ever Had German Measles
Code kj196 CH Ever Had Other Infection
Code kj200 Times GP Came to Home for CH
Code kj201 Times GP Seen in Surgery for CH
Code kj202 Times GP Seen for Routine Check
Code kj205 CH has Regular Sleeping Routine
Code kj206 HRs CH Sleeps During Day
Code kj207 Time CH Goes to Sleep in Evening
Code kj207a Time Child Goes to Bed - Grouped
Code kj208 Time CH Wakes up in Morning
Code kj208a Time Child Wakes - Grouped
Code kj209 NO of Times CH Wakes in Night
Code kj210 NO of Times CH Sleeps in Day
Code kj211 Room CH Sleeps in When MUM Puts to Bed
Code kj212 Room CH Wakes Up In Morning
Code kj213 Where CH Sleeps When Put To Bed
Code kj214 Where CH Wakes
Code kj215 How CH Usually Sleeps
Code kj216 Heating on in Room where CH Sleeps
Code kj217 Window Open in Room where CH Sleeps
Code kj218 CH Sleeps with a Duvet
Code kj219 CH has Electric Blanket at Night
Code kj220 CH Sleeps with a Pillow
Code kj221 CHs Sleep Compared to Other Children
Code kj222 CH Refused to go to Bed Past Year
Code kj222a CH Refused To Go To Bed Y/N
Code kj223 CH Woke Very Early Past Year
Code kj223a CH Woke Very Early Y/N
Code kj224 CH Has Problem Going To Sleep Past Year
Code kj224a CH Has Problem Going To Sleep Y/N
Code kj225 CH Had Nightmares Past Year
Code kj225a CH Had Nightmares Y/N
Code kj226 CH gets up After Put to Bed Past Year
Code kj226a CH Gets Up After Put To Bed Y/N
Code kj227 CH Woke in Night Past Year
Code kj227a CH Woke In Night Y/N
Code kj228 CH Gets up After Few HRs Sleep Past Yr
Code kj228a CH Gets Up After Few Hours Sleep Y/N
Code kj229 Worry Over Sleeping Score
Code kj230 Sleeping Difficulties Score
Code kj235 Amount CH Cries Compared to Other CDRN
Code kj236 FREQ CH Whines
Code kj237 FREQ CH Cries for No Reason
Code kj238 MUM can Calm CH when Cries
Code kj239 MUM Feels CHs Crying is PROB
Code kj240 FREQ MUM Gives Food to Stop CH Crying
Code kj241 MUM Gives CH Sweets to Stop Crying
Code kj242 MUM Gives CH Chocolate to Stop Crying
Code kj243 MUM Gives CH Crisps to Stop Crying
Code kj244 MUM Gives CH Fruit to Stop Crying
Code kj245 MUM Gives CH Milk to Stop Crying
Code kj246 MUM Gives CH Drink to Stop Crying
Code kj247 MUM Gives CH Other Food to Stop Crying
Code kj250 MUM has Battle of Wills
Code kj253 Person who Wins Argument
Code kj254 FREQ CH Refuses to go to Bed
Code kj255 FREQ CH has Temper Tantrums
Code kj256 CH Tantrum cant get what Wants
Code kj257 CH Tantrum Fails to be Understood
Code kj258 CH Tantrums as Behaviour Corrected
Code kj259 CH Tantrum for No Reason
Code kj260 Other Reason for CHs Tantrum
Code kj262 MUM Ignores CHs Temper Tantrum
Code kj263 MUM Sends CH Away for Tantrum
Code kj264 MUM Tries to Cuddle CH for Tantrum
Code kj265 MUM Tries to Reason W CH for Tantrum
Code kj266 MUM Leaves CH when Tantrum
Code kj267 MUM Tries Distracting CH when Tantrum
Code kj268 MUM Tries Other Method for CH Tantrum
Code kj275 CH Often Rocks Head or Body Repeatedly
Code kj275a CH Often Rocks Head or Body Y/N
Code kj276 CH has Tic or Twitch
Code kj276a Child Has Tic Or Twitch
Code kj277 CH has Other Unusual Behaviour
Code kj277a Child Has Other Unusual Behaviour
Code kj280 FREQ CH Taken to Local Shops
Code kj281 FREQ CH Taken to Department Store
Code kj282 FREQ CH Taken to Supermarket
Code kj283 FREQ CH Taken to Park
Code kj284 FREQ CH Taken to Visits FRDs FMLY
Code kj285 FREQ CH Taken to Library
Code kj286 FREQ CH Taken to Places of Interest
Code kj287 FREQ CH Goes to Places of Entertainment
Code kj287a Outside home activity score
Code kj288 How Far CH Wanders
Code kj289 Choice MUM Allows CH About Food Eaten
Code kj290 MUM Allows CH to Choose own Clothes
Code kj291 CH has Cuddly Toys
Code kj292 CH has Push or Pull Toys
Code kj293 CH has Coordination Toys
Code kj294 CH has Jigsaw Puzzle
Code kj295 CH has Computer Games
Code kj296 CH has Construction Toys
Code kj297 NO of Books CH Owns
Code kj297a Toy score (42m)
Code kj298 MUM Tries to Teach CH
Code kj299 MUM Teaches CH Colours
Code kj300 MUM Teaches CH Alphabet
Code kj301 MUM Teaches CH Numbers
Code kj302 MUM Teaches CH Nursery Rhymes
Code kj303 MUM Teaches CH Songs
Code kj304 MUM Teaches CH Shapes & Sizes
Code kj305 MUM Teaches CH Politeness
Code kj306 MUM Teaches CH Other Things
Code kj307 Teaching score
Code kj308 Times MUM Talks to CH when Occupied
Code kj315 When Television is on
Code kj316 CH Watches Television
Code kj317 CH Watches Childrens Programmes
Code kj318 CH Watches Other Programmes
Code kj319 CH Watches Childrens Videos
Code kj320 CH Watches Other Videos
Code kj321 CH Watches TV with Adults
Code kj322 CH Watches TV with Other Children
Code kj323 CH Watches TV on Own
Code kj330 FREQ CH Plays W Other Children
Code kj331 CH Avoids when Reunited with MUM
Code kj332 CH Pushes MUM Away when Reunited
Code kj333 CH Wants Hug when Reunited with MUM
Code kj334 Reunion warmth score
Code kj340 FREQ CH Plays W Guns Past Month
Code kj341 FREQ CH Plays W Jewellery Past Month
Code kj342 FREQ CH Plays W Tool Set Past Month
Code kj343 FREQ CH Plays W Dolls Past Month
Code kj344 FREQ CH Plays W Cars Past Month
Code kj345 FREQ CH Plays W Swords Past Month
Code kj346 FREQ CH Plays W Tea Set Past Month
Code kj347 Times CH Played House Past Month
Code kj348 Times CH Played W Girls Past Month
Code kj349 Times CH Pretended be Female Past Mnth
Code kj350 Times CH Pretended be Male Past Mnth
Code kj351 Times CH Played Fighting Past Month
Code kj352 Times CH Played Being Parent Past Mnth
Code kj353 Times CH Played Ballgames Past Month
Code kj354 Times CH Climbed Past Month
Code kj355 Times CH Played Cared for Babies Past Mnth
Code kj356 Times CH Interested in Cars Past Month
Code kj357 Times CH Dressed Girls Clothes Past Mnth
Code kj358 Times CH Played With Boys Past Month
Code kj359 Times CH Likes Exploring Places
Code kj360 Times CH Enjoys Rough & Tumble
Code kj361 Times CH Interested in Insects
Code kj362 Times CH Avoids Getting Dirty
Code kj363 Times CH Likes Pretty Things
Code kj364 Times CH Avoids Taking Risks
Code kj365 Gender play score (M)
Code kj366 Gender play score (F)
Code kj367 Gender PSAI score
Code kj370 MUM Feels CH Dominates HHOLD
Code kj371 MUM Eventually Gives in to CH
Code kj372 MUM Ignores CH when Naughty
Code kj373 MUM Smacks CH when Naughty
Code kj374 MUM Shouts at CH when Naughty
Code kj375 MUM Sends CH to Room when Naughty
Code kj376 MUM Takes Away Treats when Naughty
Code kj377 MUM Tells CH Off when Naughty
Code kj378 MUM Bribes when Naughty
Code kj379 MUM Treats CH Other Way when Naughty
Code kj379a Discipline variation score
Code kj380 MUM is Concerned About CHs Behaviour
Code kj400 Partner Bathes CH
Code kj401 Partner Feeds CH
Code kj402 Partner Sings to CH
Code kj403 Partner Reads CH Stories
Code kj404 Partner Plays W Toys W CH
Code kj405 Partner Cuddles CH
Code kj406 PTR & CH Play Imitation Games
Code kj407 PTR Plays W CH Physically
Code kj408 Partner Takes CH for Walk
Code kj409 PTR does Other Activities W CH
Code kj410 Partner interaction score
Code kj420 MUM Bathes CH
Code kj421 MUM Feeds CH
Code kj422 MUM Sings to CH
Code kj423 MUM Reads CH Stories
Code kj424 MUM Plays W Toys W CH
Code kj425 MUM Cuddles CH
Code kj426 MUM & CH Play Imitation Games
Code kj427 MUM Plays W CH Physically
Code kj428 MUM Takes CH for Walk
Code kj429 MUM does Other Activities W CH
Code kj430 Mother interaction score
Code kj439 Other Person Does REG Activities W CH
Code kj440 Other Person Bathes CH
Code kj441 Other Person Feeds CH
Code kj442 Other Person Sings to CH
Code kj443 Other Person Reads CH Stories
Code kj444 Other Person Plays W Toys W CH
Code kj445 Other Person Cuddles CH
Code kj446 Other Person & CH Play Imitation Games
Code kj447 Other Person Plays W CH Physically
Code kj448 Other Person Takes CH for Walk
Code kj449 Other Person does Other Activities W CH
Code kj450 Other Play Score
Code kj451 Nos. who bath child
Code kj452 Nos. who feed child
Code kj453 Nos. who sing to child
Code kj454 Nos. who read to child
Code kj455 Nos. who play with toys with child
Code kj456 Nos. who cuddle child
Code kj457 Nos. who play imitation games with child
Code kj458 Nos. who have physical play with child
Code kj459 Nos. who take child for walks
Code kj460 CH was Taken into Care Past 12MTHs
Code kj460a Child Taken Into Care Y/N
Code kj461 A Pet Died in past 12 MTHs
Code kj461a Pet died Y/N
Code kj462 CH Moved Home in past 12 MTHs
Code kj462a Child Moved Home Y/N
Code kj463 CH had Shock in past 12 MTHs
Code kj463a Child Had Shock Y/N
Code kj464 CH Physically Hurt by Person Past 12MTHs
Code kj464a Child Was Physically Hurt By Person Y/N
Code kj465 CH was Sexually Abused Past 12 MTHs
Code kj465a Child Sexually Abused Y/N
Code kj466 CH & MUM were Separated Past12 MTHs
Code kj466a Child & Mum Separated Y/N
Code kj467 CH & DAD were Separated Past 12 MTHs
Code kj467a Child & Dad Separated Y/N
Code kj468 CH got a New Parent in past 12 MTHs
Code kj468a Child Got a New Parent Y/N
Code kj469 CH got New Sibling in past 12 MTHs
Code kj469a Child Got a New Sibling Y/N
Code kj470 CH Admitted to HOSP in past 12 MTHs
Code kj470a Child Admitted To Hospital Y/N
Code kj471 CH Changed Carer in past MTHs
Code kj471a Child Changed Carer Y/N
Code kj472 CH Sep from Someone Else Past 12MTH
Code kj472a Child Separated From Someone Else Y/N
Code kj473 CH Started New Creche in past 12 MTHs
Code kj473a Child Started New Creche Y/N
Code kj474 Something Else Happened to CH Past 12 MTHs
Code kj474a Something Else Happened To Child Y/N
Code kj475 Weighted Life Events Score
Code kj476 Life Events Score
Code kj480 CH can Drink from Cup W No Spilling
Code kj481 CH asks for Things Without Crying
Code kj482 CH Copies MUM doing Housework
Code kj483 CH can Put on T Shirt by Self
Code kj484 CH Helps in House With Simple Tasks
Code kj485 CH Takes Clothes Off with No Help
Code kj486 CH can put Shoes on by Self
Code kj487 CH can Wash and Dry Hands
Code kj488 CH can Brush Own Teeth
Code kj489 CH can Dress W No Help
Code kj490 CH Eats With Spoon & Fork
Code kj491 CH Plays Card Games
Code kj492 CH can Prepare Cereal to Eat
Code kj493 Social Development Score
Code kj500 CH can Scribble with a Pencil
Code kj501 CH can Draw a Circle
Code kj502 CH can Draw a Vertical Line
Code kj503 CH can Wiggle Thumb
Code kj504 CH can Copy & Draw a Plus Sign
Code kj505 CH can Copy & Draw a Square
Code kj506 CH can Grab Object W Whole Hand
Code kj507 CH can Pick Up OBJ W Finger & Thumb
Code kj508 CH can Undo Big Buttons
Code kj509 CH can Fasten Big Buttons
Code kj510 CH can Turn Pages of a Book
Code kj511 CH can Build a Tower with Objects
Code kj512 CH can Build Tower of 4 Bricks
Code kj513 CH can Build Tower of 6 Bricks
Code kj514 CH can Build Tower of 8 Bricks
Code kj515 CH can Fit Shapes in a Board
Code kj516 CH can Thread Beads on a String
Code kj517 CH Uses Right Hand to Draw
Code kj518 CH Uses Left Hand to Draw
Code kj519 Fine Motor Score
Code kj520 CH can Walk
Code kj521 CH can Walk 5 Steps Backwards
Code kj522 CH can Bend & Return to Standing
Code kj523 CH can Run
Code kj524 CH can Stop Running Within 2 Steps
Code kj525 CH can Walk Up Steps Like an Adult
Code kj526 CH can Walk Down Steps Like an Adult
Code kj527 CH can Kick a Ball
Code kj528 CH can Throw a Ball
Code kj529 CH can Jump Up & Down
Code kj530 CH can Jump Over an Obstacle
Code kj531 CH can Balance on One Foot for 4 SECs
Code kj532 CH can Hop at Least Twice
Code kj533 CH can Hop for at Least 5 Feet
Code kj534 CH can Tiptoe at Least 9 Feet
Code kj535 Gross Motor Score
Code kj540 MUM is Worried about CHs Speech
Code kj541 MUM Worries about CHs Eyesight
Code kj542 MUM Worries about CHs Weight
Code kj543 MUM Worries about CHs Height
Code kj544 MUM Worries about CHs Behaviour
Code kj545 MUM Worries about CHs General DVPT
Code kj546 MUM Worries about CHs Something Else
Code kj547 No. Of Items Mum Worried Over
Code kj600 CH Tries to be Fair in Games
Code kj601 CH is Restless and Doesnt keep still
Code kj602 CH is Considerate for Others
Code kj603 CH is Squirmy and Fidgety
Code kj604 CH Destroys Own Others Belongings
Code kj605 CH is Affectionate to Family Members
Code kj606 CH Fights With Other Children
Code kj607 Other Children Dislike Child
Code kj608 CH Helps Round House Voluntary
Code kj609 CH Worries about Many Things
Code kj610 CH does things on Own
Code kj611 CH is Irritable
Code kj612 CH wil Help Someone who is Hurt
Code kj613 CH Appears Miserable or Tearful
Code kj614 CH Twitches or has Tics
Code kj615 CH Bites Nails or Fingers
Code kj616 CH is Disobedient
Code kj617 CH is Kind to Young Children
Code kj618 CH has Short Attention Span
Code kj619 CH is Afraid of New Things
Code kj620 CH Helps Children Feeling Ill
Code kj621 CH is Fussy or Over Particular
Code kj622 CH Tells Lies
Code kj623 CH has Wet Self Past12 MTHs
Code kj624 CH Comforts Child who is Upset
Code kj625 CH has Stutter or Stammer
Code kj626 CH has Speech Difficulty
Code kj627 CH Enjoys Pretend Games
Code kj628 CH Bullies Other Children
Code kj629 CH is Inattentive
Code kj630 CH gets on With Other Children
Code kj631 CH doesnt Share Toys
Code kj632 CH Cries Easily
Code kj633 CH is Forceful and Determined
Code kj634 CH Blames Other for Things
Code kj635 CH Shares Treats With Friends
Code kj636 CH Gives Up Easily
Code kj637 CH is Inconsiderate of Others
Code kj638 Is Independent, Confident
Code kj639 CH Bites or Kicks Other Children
Code kj640 CH is Kind to Animals
Code kj641 CH Stares into Space
Code kj642 CH Tries to Stop Quarrels
Code kj643 Emotional difficulties score (RR)
Code kj644 Conduct difficulties score (RR)
Code kj645 Hyperactivity score (RR)
Code kj646 Prosocial score (RR)
Code kj647 Total behavioural difficulties score (RR)
Code kj660 Hand CH Draws With
Code kj661 Hand CH Uses to Throw a Ball
Code kj662 Hand CH Uses to Colour in
Code kj663 Hand CH Uses to Hold Toothbrush
Code kj664 Hand CH Uses to Cut Things W Knife
Code kj665 Hand CH Uses to Hit Things
Code kj666 Handedness
Code kj667
Code kj668 Handedness: No. Of Items Missing
Code kj670 Foot CH Uses to to Kick Ball
Code kj671 Foot Used by CH to Pick up Stone
Code kj672 Foot CH Uses to Stamp on Something
Code kj673 Foot CH Uses to Climb a Step
Code kj674 Footedness
Code kj675 Footedness
Code kj676 Footedness: No. Of items Missing
Code kj680 Eye CH Uses to Look Through Hole
Code kj681 Eye CH Uses to Look Through Bottle
Code kj682 Eyedness
Code kj684 Eyedness: No. Missing Items
Code kj900 MUM Completed Questionnaire
Code kj901 Partner Completed Questionnaire
Code kj902 Other Person Completed Questionnaire
Code kj903 Month of Completion
Code kj904 Year of Completion
Code kj999 Age at completion (in weeks)
Code kj999a Age at completion (in months)