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1957 School Nurse's Interview with Mother Dataset

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Name Label
Code AD57 Adults (ie 15 yrs and over) in family 1957 - actual no. coded
Code ADB57 Adults not in family (household 1957) actual no. coded
Code ALS57 Expected age of leaving school - given in 1957 by mother
Code AML57 Lack of home amenities (has a bathroom, has running hot water, has own [not shared] kitchen) 1957
Code BATS57 Bathroom available for use - 1957
Code CH57 5-15 yr olds in family 1957
Code CHB57 5-15 yr olds in household not siblings 1957
Code CLB57 Clubs at 11 years
Code COH57 Composite housing 1957
Code CROW57 Crowding 1957
Code CTYP57 Change in mother's choice of school 1955-57
Code DOO57 Occasional domestic help at 11 yrs
Code DOR57 Regular domestic help at 11 years
Code E31 A6 job choice made (parent 1957)
Code FAT57 Total in family (siblings & adults) 1957
Code FOCC57 Occupation variables (fathers'). Coded using OPCS Classification of Occupation 1970. Also see OG57
Code FSTAT57 Fathers' status variables (1957) also see OG57
Code GET57 Time child gets up 1957
Code GOB57 Child goes to bed 1957
Code HAB57 Habits at 11 years - reported by mother
Code HABE57 Habits 1957
Code HABE572 Habits 1957
Code HABR57 Habits 1957
Code HABR572 Habits 1957
Code HOME57 Where child does homework
Code HOU57 Total in household 1957
Code HWAT57 Hot water (source) 1957
Code IND57 Husband's industry 1957
Code INF57 Children less than 5 yrs old in family 1957
Code INFB57 Infants less than 5 yrs old not members of family 1957
Code JOP57 Parents' job wish for child 1957 – more specified job type
Code KITS57 Shared kitchen 1957
Code MEAS4657 Age - year only - of getting measles 1946 - Jan '57
Code MEAT4657 Treatment given for measles 1946 - Jan '57
Code MUM4657 Age - year only - of getting mumps (46 - Jan 57)
Code MUMT4657 Treatment given for mumps 1946-Jan 57
Code OTH57 Total others in household 1957. Actual no. coded
Code OWN57 Ownership of house 1957
Code PAW57 Father away regularly for work reasons 24hrs or more at a time when child 11 yrs old
Code PIA6 Person interviewed
Code PROT57 Parents discussed child's progress with teacher 1957
Code PTMA6 Have you/husband met child's class/head teacher
Code REP57 Repair of dwelling 1957
Code ROOM57 Total number of rooms used by household 1957
Code SCAF4657 Age - year only - of getting scarlet fever 1946 - Jan 57
Code SCART Treatment given for scarlet fever 1946 - Jan 57
Code SCOPA6 Has child attended school clinic or Out-patients since Oct '55
Code SLA6 Does child sleep in room alone or with others?
Code SY57 Symptoms at 11 yrs (revised)
Code TB57 Family or household of child known to have tuberculosis
Code TYP57 Type of school chosen 1957 by mother
Code WHO4657 Age of getting whooping cough 1946-Jan57


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