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1952 School Nurse's Interview with Mother Dataset

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Name Label
Numeric SERNO
Code AD52 Adults (ie 15 yrs and over) in family 1952 - actual no. coded
Code ADB52 Adults not in family (household 1952) actual no. coded
Code BEDR52 Number of bedrooms 1952
Code BOWA Age when started to train child to be clean
Code BYBY52 Sleeping arrangements
Code CH52 5-15 yr olds in family 1952
Code CHB52 5-15 yr olds in household not siblings 1952
Code CLC52 Cleanliness of child 1952 (school nurse's opinion)
Code CLH52 Cleanliness of house 1952 (school nurse's opinion)
Code CLO52 Clothes repair 1952 (school nurse's opionion)
Code COMP52 Form completion 1952 (nurse's form)
Code CROW52 Crowding 1952
Code DAW52 Day wetting at 6 years
Code DIAN3 Date of Interview AN3 (1952) Use with caution - value labels on rubric card do not agree with actual values; amended but unconfirmed.
Code FAC52 Lack of home facilities 1952
Code FAGELS Age father of survey member left school
Code FAM52 Size of family (children) 1952 survey child and surviving siblings
Code FAQUA Further education qualifications of father of survey member
Code FAT52 Total in family (siblings & adults) 1952
Code FED Education of survey child's father
Code FEDLS Last school attended by father of survey member
Code HAB52 Habits at 6 yrs, reported by mother
Numeric HAB521 Habits at 6 yrs, reported by mother - first option chosen
Numeric HAB522 Habits at 6 yrs, reported by mother - second option chosen
Numeric HABE52 Habits 1952
Numeric HABE522 Habits 1952. These are
Numeric HABR52
Numeric HABR522
Numeric HOU52
Text IND52
Numeric INF52
Numeric INFB52
Numeric LAX52
Numeric LBT
Numeric LIVR52
Numeric LIVRS52
Numeric MAGELS
Numeric MED
Numeric MEDLS
Numeric MEF
Numeric MOQUA
Numeric MOT52
Numeric MOT521
Numeric MOT522
Numeric NAP4652
Numeric NIG5152
Numeric NIGP5152
Numeric NIGP51521
Numeric NIGP51522
Numeric NIGP51523
Numeric NIW52
Numeric OTH52
Numeric OWN52
Numeric PEN52
Numeric PEN521
Numeric PEN522
Text PHA52
Numeric PHA521
Numeric PHA522
Numeric PHA523
Numeric PIAN3
Numeric PLA52
Numeric PLA521
Numeric PLA522
Numeric PLAPS52
Numeric PLAPS521
Numeric PLAPS522
Numeric PLAPS523
Numeric PLAPS524
Numeric PLAPS525
Numeric PLAPW52
Numeric PLAPW521
Numeric PLAPW522
Numeric PLAPW523
Numeric PLAPW524
Numeric PLAPW525
Text PLAW52
Numeric PLAW521
Numeric PLAW522
Numeric PLAW523
Numeric REP52
Numeric ROOM52
Numeric SEA52
Numeric SEJ52
Numeric SEP52
Numeric SET4652
Numeric SHO52
Text SIK52
Numeric SIK521
Numeric SIK522
Numeric SIK523
Numeric SIK524
Numeric SIK525
Numeric SLAN3
Numeric SY52
Numeric TOB52
Numeric TTLAN3
Numeric TTTAN3
Numeric WDLN52
Numeric WHI4652
Numeric WK52
Numeric WKH52
Numeric WKT52


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