Dataset Description


ALSPAC Year 4 Maths Assessment Dataset

Alternate Title


Case Quantity



Name Label
Text aln_qlet
Numeric aln Pregnancy identifier
Text qlet Birth order (within pregnancy)
Code y4sch Child's unique school identifier (ALSPSCID) at Year 4 data collection
Code y4year School year in which Year 4 data was collected
Code sd001 Data available
Code sd003 Education region
Code sd003a Education region (summary)
Code sd004 Type of school
Code sd005 Education authority
Code sd006 Child is in correct school year
Code sd008 Child's school grouping identifier
Code sd010 Qu.1 (# coins) correct
Code sd012 Qu.1 (# coins) attempted
Code sd020 Qu.2 (# toys) correct
Code sd021 Qu.2 (# toys): Response
Code sd022 Qu.2 (# toys) attempted
Code sd030 Qu.3 (# rabbits) correct
Code sd031 Qu.3 (# rabbits): Response
Code sd032 Qu.3 (# rabbits) attempted
Code sd040 Qu.4 (# windows) correct
Code sd041 Qu.4 (# windows): Response
Code sd042 Qu.4 (# windows) attempted
Code sd050 Qu.5 (orange squash 1) correct
Code sd051 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Response
Code sd052 Qu.5 (orange squash 1) attempted
Code sd053 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Glass 1 ticked
Code sd054 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Glass 2 ticked
Code sd055 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Glass 3 ticked
Code sd060 Qu.6 (distance apart 1) correct
Code sd061 Qu.6 (distance apart 1): Response
Code sd062 Qu.6 (distance apart 1) attempted
Code sd070 Qu.7 (# blocks) correct
Code sd071 Qu.7 (# blocks): Response
Code sd072 Qu.7 (# blocks) attempted
Code sd080 Qu.8 (# squares ahead) correct
Code sd081 Qu.8 (# squares ahead): Response
Code sd082 Qu.8 (# squares ahead) attempted
Code sd090 Qu.9 (# outfits) correct
Code sd091 Qu.9 (# outfits): Response
Code sd092 Qu.9 (# outfits) attempted
Code sd100 Qu.10 (height difference) correct
Code sd101 Qu.10 (height difference): Response
Code sd102 Qu.10 (height difference) attempted
Code sd110 Qu.5 (orange squash 1) correct
Code sd111 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Response
Code sd112 Qu.5 (orange squash 1) attempted
Code sd113 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Glass 1 ticked
Code sd114 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Glass 2 ticked
Code sd115 Qu.5 (orange squash 1): Glass 3 ticked
Code sd120 Qu.12 (# fuzz sweets) correct
Code sd121 Qu.12 (# fuzz sweets): Response
Code sd122 Qu.12 (# fuzz sweets) attempted
Code sd130 Qu.13 (# biscuits) correct
Code sd131 Qu.13 (# biscuits): Response
Code sd132 Qu.13 (# biscuits) attempted
Code sd140 Qu.14 (previous square) correct
Code sd141 Qu.14 (previous square): Response
Code sd142 Qu.14 (previous square) attempted
Code sd150 Qu.15 (# top sweets) correct
Code sd151 Qu.15 (# top sweets): Response
Code sd152 Qu.15 (# top sweets) attempted
Code sd160 Qu.16 (distance apart 2) correct
Code sd161 Qu.16 (distance apart 2): Response
Code sd162 Qu.16 (distance apart 2) attempted
Code sd170 Qu.17 (ribbon length) correct
Code sd171 Qu.17 (ribbon length): Response
Code sd172 Qu.17 (ribbon length) attempted
Code sd180 # Questions answered correctly
Code sd181 # Questions attempted
Code sd191a Month of birth (reported)
Code sd191b Year of birth (reported)
Code sd196a Date of test (month)
Code sd196b Date of test (year)
Code sd196c Day of testing imputed as 15th
Code sd197a DV: Age of child at testing (months)
Code sd197b DV: Age of child at testing (weeks)
Code sd197c Day of birth imputed as 15th